Monday, August 28, 2006


岁月难得沉默 秋风厌倦漂泊



词嘲墨尽千情万怨英杰愁 (自嘲末尽千情万缘已皆愁)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Working life

To all my dearest NUS friends who are about to graduate, you might be expecting a culture shock in some ways or another when you join the workforce (I know I have).

As my good-naturedness goes (a long way), I shall reveal some of the trivial yet shocking "don't-you-learn-something-everyday" thingies, so you'd need not sweat on these small stuff later.

1) There is no QUOTA for printing. You can print as much stuffeses as you want, without attempting to print 9 ppt slides a page. No more measly 40 A4 pages / month of PS-printer printouts, or the hassle of going down to the admin office to topup your quota. Yay.

2) You have to wear nice smelling shirts and ironed pants (ie. look smart), which means no bermudas and/or sandals allowed. Unless, of course, you are a budding entrepreneur doing your own spiffy startup in a 6x6 cubicle somewhere in a business incubator.

3) If you think there's a lot of technical lingos in SoC, there's a lot more work lingos coming your way, buddy... One very distressing phrase I find is 'I'll CHECKPOINT with you tomorrow at 9am' - which means you'll have to clear your workload by then. No more free-loading by copying your friends' notes. =(

4) This goes very well with me: THERE EXIST FREE DRINK DISPENSER MACHINES. Yes, I'm talking about those that you put in 40 cents and press a button, and a paper cup comes down with water squirting from the left and concentrate squirting from the right into the cup to make your chosen Milo/7-Up/Coffee. Except you don't need any coins! Shiok shiok. But control yourself, or you'll see a belly forming soon.

5) You can claim taxi fares if you do OT. So please do OT almost everyday like I have been doing for the past #@%$#^ 3 weeks.