Thursday, September 30, 2004

Ok, Victoria Buses Videos out also

Same place. But they all very short and jerky one (lousy A40 only allow around 10sec), so 2 bad if dun like. Else can ibank to me $2k to buy better camera/camcorder.

Victoria Buses

These are most of the photos of Victoria. Elisa got a liiiiittle bit more, will post again.

Any complains about the quality of pics? Please call 1800-NOT-MY-PROBLEM. Also got a bit of videos in avi form that I cannot post in imagestation, that one need another day lah.

Ta ta! And, if got time, why not look at some of the banner stuff above? =P

Comments required! Please feedback!

How do you think Frank is? What can he improve upon, as a person, as a friend, as a colleague, as a bf(?), as the future president of etats unis?

Please be as critical as possible, for that is to the best of Frank's interest.

Thank you for your feedback! (You can post anonymously. Or not!)

Prisoner's Dilemma

Have you heard of the Prisoner's Dilemma?

The original prisoner's dilemma is a betting game with 2 players and one banker who adjudicates and pays out winnings to the 2 players. It goes like this:
In each of the two players' hands are 2 cards labelled COOPERATE and DEFECT. Each player can choose to play either card in a game, and it is placed face down so that the other player cannot be influenced by his/her move. The banker then proceeds to turn the cards over:

Outcome 1:
Both players played COOPERATE. The banker will have to pay each person $300. This sum is called the reward for mutual cooperation.

Outcome 2:
Both player played DEFECT. The banker fines each person $10. This is called Punishment for mutual defection.

Outcome 3:
Player 1 played COOPERATE; Player 2 played DEFECT. Banker pays Player 2 a Temptation payoff of $500 and fines Player 1 a Sucker fine of $100.

Outcome 4:
The reverse of Outcome 3.

It is obvious that the players will get more out of the banker by playing to outcome 1, but this is not always the choice taken by the players. Why is that so?

From a personal perspective,
if the other player plays COOPERATE, and
I play COOPERATE, I will get $300.
I play DEFECT, I will get $500.
if the other player plays DEFECT, and
I play COOPERATE, I will lose $100.
I play DEFECT, I will lost $10.

No matter what the other player plays, I will do better by playing DEFECT!

And thus we get a self-defeating result that each player plays defect and continuously pays the banker $10.

This selfish nature can sadly be seen in our everyday life (withholding of information in workplace, throwing/stashing away of products by companies to keep supply low [and thus price high] ) and it really makes me wonder how much we can do better if we'd work together (make it a better place.... for you and for me and the entire human race...lalalala...) for progress.

On a macro-scale, I cannot help but to compare this with the different modes of government, namely Capitalism/Democracy vs. Communism. Is that why Communism is recognised as the "ideal" mode of government that is sadly unrealisable, because of the selfish genes within each and everyone (almost) of us? I do not know. I am a simple man who bows to society's pressure.

Unless there are saintly suckers too good for this world, our game is doomed to end in mutual defection with its paradoxically poor result for all players.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Eugene's quote from Macbeth

oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
the instruments of darkness tell us truths,
win us with honest trifle,
to betray's
in deepest consequence

The Four Loves

To love at all is to be vulnerable.
Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly be broken.
If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even an animal.
Wrap it carefully around with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness.
The only place outside heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers of love is hell. - C.S. Lewis

Another Teaser for Yusry - Help me clck the stuff at the top more? =) Posted by Hello

Teaser for Yusry =) Posted by Hello

Native02 - The First Nations Indian statue I bought in Vancouver Island Posted by Hello

Photos for Vancouver Island out!,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

It's only a bit out.

Weekend @ Vancouver Island - A Happy Tourist

Yusry will be as happy a man, as I am, once I upload my bus photos.

Winery visit, Craigdarroch Castle, Butchart Gardens, Galloping Goose Trail, and the lively downtown... what more can I say? (Ok, I just too lazy to iterate through all the super interesting mega wonderful and awesome-to-the-max weekend... You guys never pay money to go jalan jalan like me then expect me to give you a virtual tour? Fat hope, slim chance, dudes and dudettes... =P) You can click the links above and check them out yourself... Also saw killer whales on our way back home!

Bought a decorative statue of a First Nations Indian Warrior that I had a deep connection with once I saw it. Moment I saw it, it felt like seeing myself. It was native02. Impulse buy? I dunno, but I actually went in and out of the shop 3 times (and went to all the nearby shops to look for better prices) before buying it. Although I rationalised with myself on the 100% chance that it will become a white elephant sitting on some forgotten shelf/attic/rubbish bin (ok, the imagery can be corny if you want it to be...), I still had to buy it. Some sorta obsession-at-first-sight (Elisa calls it 'so random~~~!!') that evades logic and reasoning. Take this wallll, thiiis walll and break it down, and life might be less interesting.

Went around the island on trails by myself, all again with the angsy feeling of solitude within which contrasts with the freedom without. Wanderlust is an odd couple with loneliness, but I hate to make my walks a group activity...sorry guys(and gals). I just do not want to feel responsible for whatever shit (hoLLand, bad weather, lousy scenery, remember beaver lake?) that I might kena on the way. It often happens and a large group will usually complain (hungry/tired/thirsty/wantToPee) and whateva... Hate the feeling of responsibility, for I am such a responsible guy, sigh... (dun puke!)

The sights are wonderful by the way, but the walking is... some nice some not nice.

1st walk went along scenic trail and ate some wild blackberries along the way (never kena poisoning!) and saw one of the best sunsets. I think it's the best cos there was no one else with me other than other tourists (You, my love, weren't there....), and the feeling of not being able to share it simply compounds the effects of a lonely sunset. It's like a hole-in-one without anyone to witness it.

2nd walk along Galloping Goose Trail was very rushed and incomplete (I promise myself to finish it another day, on wheels.) But it was a good trail. Went past quite a few scenic bridges (the longest trestle bridge was one of them),saw a few lakes (swan lake++), saw apple/pear/blackberry trees/bushes, mini pyramid and sphinx (what the heck?) and hollanded a bit. And oh yah, saw a SCHOOL BUS depot, and took quite some pics (grinz to Yusry). Ate blackberry again, but this time round kena food poisoning, cos backside itchy for long time 1 hour after eating. :()

Work work work! Now back to school must do work liao~~~!!

And dun rush me for the photos, for I must mug. I am, afterall, a mega-smelly mugger. Yakusoku.=)

Monday, September 20, 2004

Frankie's adventure day on Sun

There are some things that I can't do in Vancouver on a weekend:

1) Study in an open area. The air is so freaking cold that you'll get brain freeze in no time. Tried that at Vancouver Community College and gave up after 30min. Nice scenery though...

2) Go to the library on weekend. Went to one and found that they don't open on weekends. What the.... apparently the govt doesn't think going to the library is a good family activity for the weekend.

But there are certain things that you can do here on a weekend, which I did today:

1) Go to a cafe/fastfood shop and study.

2) Take bus around to see nice scenery, or take the train on a round Vancouver loop, or take a SeaBus to the other side of Vancuover. It's free with a U-pass. Oh happy me.

3) Stay at home and study.

More photos from Rockies Trip!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

I have already spent SGD5.2k??? I need a credit card...

This is madness. How the flying mama did I spend that much? I better cut down on my eating expenses++ and other non-essential stuff man...

Today ate Dim Sum at Floata Chinese Restaurant in ChinaTown and it was excellent. Now only have the Dim Sum restaurant near our place to test. Must be like govt a bit, take 3 quotations before deciding on a long term. =)

Went to Sun Yat Sen Garden, but only dittered in the open-to-public part of that, cos all of us didn't want to pay $$ to go in. Only Garry quite gian to go in, but he'll survive to visit there another day.

Queen Elizabeth was all nice and awesome except for the rainy weather and the entrance fee into the conservatory. From outside, the Bloedel Conservatory seems to be conserving some tropical region plants, which seemed totally uninteresting to Singaporeans (ooh.. Angsana, how quaint... Look! Banana tree! Awesome!...), and so dun feel anything bad about not visiting it. Maybe should google "Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation" and see what the heck it contains.

Went to Oakridge to do some uninteresting shopping and eating and resting and getawayfromthecold, and then went to VanDusen botanical gardens, but damn sad. Cos reached there around 5pm and it closes at 7pm and I'm-not-going-to-go-in-there-for-2-hours-for-7.5dollars. So we detoured to whack dinner @KFC(15 pieces for $18!!!!) but somehow ended up in Sha Lin restaurant off Broadway (the one next to Singapore Restaurant). Don't ask me why, it's a short-but-i-cant-be-bothered-to-tell story. Food was awesome, and justified for the long wait outside the door.

Went home cold/tired/full. Let tomorrow come tomorrow, for the night is mine to waste through.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Watched it in school today and am reminded of things that I have not forgotten but am still trying to forget. Wished I have access to that wonderful contraption, but would I then be trying to remember what I would have forgotten, much like Joel who struggles to remember?

Forgetting someone is a difficult thing and I have managed to forget many thing in the process but that. I've even forgotten (once) Someone who is always there to tell me not to fear anything in His presence. Every once in a blue moon, that thing would just jump into my mind to persist in telling me that it's still there, and I wish it wouldn't. Persistent bugger. I'd rather it stay put in that dark recess of my mind, never to come out.

It's a moody night and I don't want to talk about it anymore. Good nite.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Anthropology Museum @ UBC

Looking at all those totem poles (asherah poles?) which hides stories of past civilizations, I start to wonder where exactly we are in time.

As we now stand and admire them as historical symbols and objects, should we also stop to admire our own creations? Those cement walls, those glass doors, those emergency water hoses, the fire sensors, even the signages? Cos after a few hundred years, they too, will go down history as witnesses to our times. (3020A.D.:Oh, what an intricate signage! Look, it's made of ALPHABETS! Wow, what a primitive communication tool...) Why look back at things of the past when we can look into the present which will eventually become the past of the future?

This kind of thinking usually sets me into perspective of how self-focused we are! At least I am... Do we look at things of the past from the view point that we, the present, are more advance then them, and should learn to appreciate things of the past(which is inherently inferior)? Those hand-weaved baskets, primitive iron-head arrows, do they reek of inefficiency to you, when compared to what we have now?

Simply thinking how much development can proceed in the next century puts me to shame on that. Laugh when your newly bought laptop is put into a historical museum and labelled as "antique", can you?

Perhaps I should understand that we exist as a mere dot (much like Singapore is to the rest of the world) in the whole timeline of Time itself, and that whatever we try to be smug about (our technology, our artistic nature, whatever) pales in comparison to whatever else there is out there, be it in the past, the present or the future.

We just can't beat the Engineer himself.

Perhaps we should simply stand to enjoy the moment itself, knowing that all things will come to be known as past.

Do Not Worry

Then Jesus said to his disciples: "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?
"Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith! And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them. But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.

"Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will not be exhausted, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Luke 12:22-34)

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Database Buffer Size Investigation for OLTP Workloads??

Homework for CPSC418 is killing me. Dunno what the heck is going on... I am going to die in class very soon... =( Siao liao lah...

Security issues in Pender Street - Need security alarm/features!

Apparently our apartment's garage (and cars) got broken into on Sat night. Hmm. One of the tenants (whose car got broken into...) was fuckin' pissed. At least that's what he said to us. =(

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Too much change is a bad bad thing...

By that I mean the coins that evil supermarket cashiers give you.

I have not really adjusted to the speed of the super fast canandian cashiers here. They seemingly perform your checkout at some mega fast speed (2.96E8 m/s?) and instantaneously ask you for payment. Often caught without the exact change (-_-"), and it doesn't help that they come in weird figures (like $2.92, $3.47, $5.69), you are forced to give cash notes, which result in accumulation of coins. Oh yes, some cashiers at Safeway also have those menacingly fast coin dispensers that dispense to you your exact change in loose coins form. Devilish, I tell you.

I suspect there is some devious connection between those weird figures, the cashiers (they are weird figures too...), the Canadian mint and the metal-mining industry. Their converging purpose may be to fill everyones' wallet with at least 1kg worth of coins. For what purpose? I have yet to find out... Hmm...

Why do I suspect the Canadian mint? Cos they produce coins in weird denominations and sizes - 2 dollars (toonies), 1 dollar (loonie), 25cents (quarter), 10 cents, 5 cents, and 1 cents. Why are there 25 cents coins? To promote mathematical excellence among citizens? 77cents = 3 * 25cent coins + 2 * 1cent coins here, which maths is equivalent to a problem sum in PSLE! In Singapore, we just whack 1 * 50 cents, 2 * 10 cents, and 1 * 5 cents, cos NTUC round down for us... (no irritating 1cent coins in your wallet! Er... I'll complain about NTUC in some other blog entry, not this time round... This time just bashing Canadian coin system.) Also, WHY ARE THE 10 CENTS COINS SMALLER THAN THE 5 CENTS COINS? Minting error? They are so horrigibly confusing in size (yes, I confuse the 25 cents and the 5 cents still)! It all adds up to that the Canadian mint is trying to slow you down during payment, and since the normal individual would rather pay with bigger denominations and get smaller loose change (who would want to behave like an idiot who can't count and fumble with his/her coins?), they conveniently deposit large amount of loose change with you. Clever psychological plot.

Anyone knows why are they conniving in this diabolical collaboration, please post to me in private. I suspect the Canadian government may be involved. But don't post to me if you think aliens are involved.

PS: To those in CIA/CID/SAS/SCDF/any other bureaucracy agencies, please take the above blog as crap. Unless you seriously believe that there is indeed a diabolical collaboration. =)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bought a comforter for the winter @ Kingsgate Mall

The rain season is starting liao. Not good. Today's rain soaked my shoes and socks like siao. Think need to get GoreTex pants liao. It's pretty cool to wear me GoreTex jacket and walk in the rain, but it's also pretty wet for my legs... How?

Monday, September 13, 2004

I am starting to freak myself out.

That does it. No more happy nice guy. That will be the last piece of blog with so much 'happiness' in it. Anymore and I will puke.

Lynn Canyon Park

Happily went to Lynn Canyon Park today, instead of the original happily intended Capilano Bridge. No tickets were needed at Lynn Canyon Park and we saved a bit of money. Saw some happy waters, some happy slugs, some happy bridges, and had a nice happy picnic lunch.

In all our happiness, we went shopping happily at Army & Navy's and had a happy dinner at Hon's Wonton House (happily again!).

The happiest occasion was the visit to the Gelato place! 208 happy flavours? Can you imagine that? Oh happy me! Tried some happy flavours (Death by Mango, Wasabi, Coffee, Pandan, pineapple, +++++) before settling on White Guave and Passion Fruit, Baileys' Cheesecake, and Lavender. The Lavender had some happy bits in it which tasted happy at the start, by more happy in the end! Acquired taste, I guess. All the happy time when eating Lavender, was thinking of a happy cow chewing happily on some happy Lavenders.

What a happy day! Oh happy me!

More photos from Rockies Trip!

Courtesy of Wenzheng.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Lynn Canyon Park

Love Canada's weather

Things here don't happily rot/decompose as fast as in happy Singapore. Can leave a happy trashbag in the sink for 2 happy days and there's still not any (ok, not much) smell or flies happily flying around. Also can bathe less often, even though I STILL DO BATHE EVERYDAY. No one doubt that last sentence, ok? At least not happily.

Also got no mosquitoes. Happy.

What a happy blog entry. =)

Why the google ads advertising on counselling?

I dun need them... do I? Hmm... maybe my blogs have been depressive of sorts.... Very well, I should try to infuse a more joyful spirit into my blogs from here on.

Bards @ Varnier Park doing spells of mischief

Forsooth, I am undone. To see or not to see, that is not the question. Time gives no heed to things well past, and we will do well to not dwell on sucheth.

Hast thou everth watcheth Macbeth in its most magnificent glory of Confusion? Such madness thee doest not know if thou does not bear witness to that of what was executed this very noon by the accursed bards. I am left unknowed, untouched, unfelt, cheated, in the careless embrace of Confusion herself, that no miracle can tear us apart. If Shakespeare knowest such vile torture has been done in his name, he bears not our sufferings, but laments our ignorance.

But, my good man, what's done, cannot be undone, and the cup of confusion cannot be untaken once it's content spilleth within your very bowels of existence. This is my curse, and cruel fate offers me no choice but to accept such a foul destitution. Shakespeare rolls in his grave still, and we do nothing, for we can do nothing for the genteel's comfort.

Heck I can't sync with shakespearean language.

Ok basically today was dim sum at chinatown (yumz and many more yumz!) If there is any better dim sum in vancouver, my good lad, tell me, for I do not know of any yet. The astonishing performance of the dims and sums was multiplied by the also astonishing prices they come at. 10 dollars was exhilirating(this is where the Singaporean bird within me goes 'cheap cheap'!), but the second wave of astonishment swept me off my feet in the other direction. Dim sum can be half priced ($5?!) if we had paid the bill at 11am. Now not so much angry at the savings that could have been saved (well, just a bit gek sim..), but next time must whack dim sum more. Also need to check out the other dim sum shop near our place...

Bards at the park performed Macbeth for us @ $19/pax, and there was no way we (I use 'we' here as I am confident I was not the only one left in a level 99 confusion spell by the bards. No wonder Cacofonix is always tied up on a tree [and gagged] in every issue of Asterix and Obelix...) could use our present day language interpreter to decipher the ancient-of-days shakespearean and enjoy the performance at the same time. If you were there, you would see my CPU (brain) overheating (that's why my mouth was open all the while during the show. It was acting as a heatsink.) It was a splendid performance anyway, judging from all the applauses they received at the end of the show. But there wasn't any shouts for encore, so I judge that the audience was (maybe?) applauding that the vicious torture was executed and done with and everyone managed to survive to go home to tell everyone how splendid the performance was, even though they don't really understand what the heck was going on for the whole period of the play. But they dun tell this last part to anyone, of course. That's the whole thing about artsy-fartsy stuff like plays and operas and symphony performances. Model of vicious cycle.

As I was saying, the show was excellent, and we washed it down with a walk in the park admiring geese/ducks/swans/whateva and taking happy pictures of them (at the same time avoiding all the happy shits they shitted happily...), and feeling waves of gloat (issit only me?)when the kite-flyers along the seaside are despondent about their fallen kites.

Dinner was at Congee and noodle house. Subarashi food at cheap prices ($6!) attainable only by sharing with 6 other refined individuals...

Took a bus (160) by myself down to Coquitlam and back to enjoy the cool evening/night. Nice route that goes along a highway parallel to the sea for a healthy distance. Came back at around 2130, tired but happy.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Rainy Day Part 2

I think I am a bit mad today. Was singing in the rain (Imagine! Frank! Singing in the rain!)
Went to MetroTown The Canadian SuperStore to shop for a chest of drawers (18 dollars, not too expensive) and food for tomorrow's picnic lunch. Bought super cheap ham and bread (cross-fingers no one kena food poisoning tomorrow!)

Didn't push a trolley around cos tot would be fast, but in the end had to run around with a drawer on my shoulders while choosing picnic stuff (imagine a driftng drawer in between the shopping aisles). Figuring out that it was simply not too brilliant to move it with me while I was dittering around, I came to the more brilliant idea of putting it in a corner first while I do my shopping. When I came back to it after getting many best buys, found that some monkey left a (not a bunch, but a.) banana on my drawer. Twerp. Had to put it back for him/her.

Ran back in the rain carrying it. Good exercise. Lucky was wearing my GoreTex (my whole body was freaking dry AND breathable whereas my legs were soaked..) I love it. Everyone in Vancouver should buy one cos it rains so much during winter. Hmm... Should I get GoreTex pants? Maybe when I struck Toto/Lottery/4-D/Strike (which I've bought only once for a soccer game.. It was just for a bbq-cum-soccer-watching session, to add to the excitement. I dun gamble one. =)

Ok enough fun for the day. Better go and bathe and do some work.

Rainy Day

Happiness abounds within me though the cold wind and overcast sky casts a gloom upon the city of Vancouver. It's the kind of happiness in knowing how fragile humans are when in face with the harsh elements that God prescribe upon us occasionally. Stuffing hands into pockets, tucking them under shirts, pulling our windbreakers closer, we all struggle to keep what little warmth that we have. There is no way to fight God, and it is in this that we are reminded that He is almighty and we are at his mercy all the time.

In this kind of splendid weather, blissfulness is nothing more than sitting in the bus and listening to music, travelling aimlessly, doing nothing but watching the rain fall upon us all. Yes, I struggle too to keep my warmth, and yes I still do feel cold. But in my desperate attempts, I am happy.

I am going out again. =)

Friday, September 10, 2004

Still love my Jelly Bellys

They are my daily vitamin supplements now. A Jelly Belly a day, makes my day happy and gay. Hmm... That doesn't sound so good. =(

Let's see what we did today.... hmmm...

Cooked my own wanton noodles for breakfast...
Went to school late....
Didn't know what was going on in class...
Went for Scheme refresher course...
Went to settle academic problems...
Went to International House to hand in Student Mobility form...
Went to UBC Bookstore...
Ate a free apple...
and went shopping!

Shopping was funnily depressing at Army And Navy's. Tried to find clothes of my size (try XS, or Small [girl]) for a long long time (try eons) without much luck, only to find out from the salesperson that my frame would fit nicely in the Boys' section. Am I that small?? Haiz... must admit defeat, cos cannot fight with God's choice.

But shopping at the boys' sections has it advantage, cos can get them at cheaper prices and ...(drumroll here)... there's no PST!!! That's right! Boys dun pay taxes! Haha, eat your heart out, all you walking giants out there, dun mess with the big boy here! =P

Got 2 OP long-sleeve shirts for $10 each, 1 nike jog pants for $15, and 1 jacket for $10 also. Also got a torque and gloves at $1 each. Best buy, all for $50.38. Think this will be all the clothes that I am buying here, unless got best buys that cannot not buy.

Dinner was home cooked also, and it was an 8.3/10.

Time to do homework.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

My new favourite sweets!  Posted by Hello

2nd day in school

It's a 2 dollars day as I ate lunch at Totem Park and had dinner at the Christian Club fellowship in SUB. Nothing interesting except the refreshing feeling of connection with God again. =)

Photos for Calgary Trip are out!

Dear ladies and gentlemen and aunties and uncles and sisters and brothers and nephews and nieces and everyone else, the photos for the Calgary trip is out, courtesy of Garry Huang!
It is at

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

1st day in school

1st day of school is usually a day spent walking redundant distances in search of classrooms and lecture theatres, and mine is no exception. Comp Architecture lecture seemed highly improbably to be located within a wooden paneling in the wall of MacMillan Building as the address suggested, and no matter how I tried to peel, scratch, or scrutinize the paneling, there doesn’t seem to be any secret latch that would reveal the room for the Comp Archi Lecture. It does help though, to ask other been-there-done-that students, who then directed us out of the building into another totally unheard of corner of the school. It also does help for the jovial course lecturer to be standing outside the makeshift container behind MacMillan building telling you that you are not lost and that this obscured temporal location is indeed the TTMB room that you arelooking for.

Comp. Archi taught about temporal and spatial locality, and I wonder how many hits and misses students encounter before finally arriving at this room. More misses than hits, I guess...

Absolutely attention-holding lecturer. He was funny, fast, insightful, and informative. Think I am going to have a good time learning stuff from this jovial guy. A guy who explains to you the estimation of ‘when to start the class’ via graphical methods and probability analysis is definitely a guy you want to listen to, even if what he says does not pertain to the course. But he managed to relate this to timed releases of softwares (think Windows, and think SR1, SR2), and this guy is simply wonderful. Gave my memory a good jog through CS2102 Database, as he discussed temporal/spatial locality, indexing and whatnots.

Lunch at Place Varnier was definitely good. Cheaper than standard prices food will unarguably bring me back there again and again and again and many more again to the places. Just hope Jiayun and Zhiqing can fuel my insatiable hunger for cheap and good food with their meal plan cards.

Simply thinking that my wed and fri lunches will, in the future, be settled at Totem Park with Yanying sends chills of excitement down the very core of my existence. Cheap food = save money = $ for my Taiwan trip!!

Did I mention it before? If I spend less than 8K for the entirety of the Exchange Program, I will give myself a holiday break to Taiwan. Foodies interested in going Taiwan for nice food, take note.

Finally understood Evan’s insistence on Jelly Belly as the crème ala yogurt of jelly beans. Compared to the 1 dollar / 160g pack imitation, the real McCoy was simply divine. The soft jelly within simply (yet miraculously) blends with the hard outer coating, and the rich flavor oozes out with every suck, much like a well that is forever overflowing. Once the hard coating goes away (and you can’t really tell exactly when. The transformation was uninterrupted!) and presents the soft jelly within, it jumps around and tantalizes your tastebuds to make you bite it softly just to squeeze out more flavor. The teasing continues all the way until it totally dissolves in your mouth, making you beg for more. Can’t get enough of them.


Sometimes I really give up. All the time I try to create order, chaos sets in. Live and let die, I say. I’ll sweep my own corridor and leave it as that. I don’t like it, but that’s the easiest way out. I can be not part of the problem and also not part of the solution. It’s too tiring to try. Take it that I am blabbering nonsense here. I go on my useless ranting sometimes, and this is one of the many occasions.

I am a communistic individual who understands the importance of communism and yet respects the individualism of individuals. I put in my fair bit of work and do not expect to be shortchanged for it.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Madness @

Just spent 2.5 hours playing this game.
My Records:
0 choc, 138.74, 3:60sec
1 choc, 139.65, 3:36sec.

Going mad liao...

Fun-not fact - East Vancouver has super high drugs/sex/violence related crimes

Was out today at Stanley Park again and, as usual, we hollanded (but just a little bit this time round!). Had lunch at a super aerial bombardment-prone (by birds) picnic area where we played big2 and kena bombarded once on the table where we sat. It's not only me, I tell you! Having experienced so many shitty situations, I have learnt to predict and tell when the birds will come in for target practise, and the place we sat was definitely a grade-1 bombardment area.

After our short eat, and rite after we witnessed the crow's ammunition specifications, moved to another campground where we played more big2 and saw a raccoon.

Never go to the Beaver Lake in Stanley Park, it's beaver-free.

Ended the evening at Ferguson's Point (nice place! Must go there for the scenery) where we saw a wedding being held and played big2 (again!) over some tortillas and salsa. You might want to google out Stanley Park and its pics (it's worth it) rite at the bar on top right corner of this page (advert!) =P

Dinner was good at a chinese restaurant restaurant on Robson Street. Yumz.

On the way back in the bus, a druggie who was 'coming down' (after his high) sat opposite me. Oh man, never want to see that again, but I think there will be many more such happy ocassions. Throughout the ride, I was thinking of the acceleration and energy I need to stand on the seat, open the side window, and jump out of it, if the happy ocassion calls for it. I was also thinking if I would actually be able to squeeze out of the window (it looks slightly too small...).

After the druggie got off, had a short conversation with another passenger who kindly informed me that this happens often and related to me in some details on the sex/drugs/violence crime rates in the neighbourhood. That freaked me out. 3rd in violence. 2nd in sex (Victoria Streets has prostitution at CAD$5 - CAD$10!!!). 1st in drugs. 40% HIV/Hepatatis rates (wtf!). I knew that it was quite bad over at my neighbourhood, but never did thought that it was THAT bad! Need to recover from the shock. Am actually living in an area that has high accolades with the crime department.

Shocked at crime rates near apartment

Living in East Hastings. Gulp.

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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Fun fact: In-store coupons are (redundent but) popular here.

Went walking by myself down Broadway and Commercial Drive, pretending to be a dodgy character looking for people to mug, so that people won’t mug me. Rubbing your stomach while passing a cheap fast food restaurant never fails to take other dodgy characters’ eyes off me. I do get stares from normal people though, but that’s safe, and I don’t care much about them. Explored all the bargain shops and eateries around, taking pamphlets here and there to compare prices. The cheap thrill of finding good buys is... cheap thrill, but it never fails to make me excited.

Somehow I like to walk around by myself compared to traveling in groups. I don’t feel the stress of ohnoisthistherightwaytogo or alamakIthinknoteveryonelikesthis. Perhaps I am too much of a communist who looks for majority agreement before coming to a decision on anything. I don’t like to make decisions for others. The freedom to stop, look, go, getmyselflostandnotworryaboutpeoplecomplainingbecause Iamtheonlyonewhoislost makes me glad I am alone at times, but then there is also the drawback of not being able to share the joys and feelings of exploration. I think I am the type that would survive best with a dog, but then again, a dog does not respond to cheap buys (though it responds to food). Maybe I should not care so much about how my companions feel, but that’s not me.

For friends in Singapore who wants to buy anything, please email me of what you want to buy. Some things to consider include jackets, shoes, backpacks, and other clothings. Timberland, Columbia, MEC (check out!! Good stuff!) are some of the good buys here. Whether I get them for you depends on how good a friend you are and how much commission I get from it. =P

Friday, September 03, 2004

Fun fact: Vancouver has a large chinese population due to China's taking over of HK

Today is Eugene’s birthday! Happy birthday to Eu! Had a big makan session (lunch) before we proceeded to Stanley Park for sightseeing. Stanley park appeared to be an island north of Downtown, much like Sentosa which is linked to Singapore by a bridge. It’s famous for the seawalls and beach scenery and an Aquarium which contains quite a large number of sea species. We didn’t visit the Aquarium, but rented bicycles to cycle around the island for the sea views. Overcycled like siao and ended up near Downtown (dun ask me how we did such an amazing thing), and had to cycle back. Spent 9 dollars on that and went for nice Korean dinner on Denman road after that.

Interesting things that happened::
From our house to downtown, we witnessed a gang fight (or 1 person kena hantam by a few...) on Hastings from the bus.
At downtown while waiting for bus to Stanley Park, I kena bird shit on my head and my beloved GoreTex jacket (for the Nth time, I kena birdshitted... I must be a shit-magnet)
We hollanded like siao while cycling.
Met a funky dude from Japan at the beach. He was backpacking (he has basically everything with him then) with a year to spend in Canada, for studying/holiday purpose. It must take a lot of courage to come to a foreign land not knowing what to do there.
We got driven out of the Korean Restaurant because we stayed to play big2 and bluff (for an hour?) after finishing dinner.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Fun fact: Vancouver doesn't snow much. It rains a lot in winter

Went to school at 11am today. Overslept for an orientation that I don’t mind oversleeping for, and found that I missed nothing much in all my lateness. Sweet. But felt a bit bad cos played out Yanying who went to see the school’s anthropology museum instead. Just a bit bad, cos nothing much can make me feel bad for very long. =P

Window shopped along Broadway after that with the guys and bought a table tennis bat for 50 cents. Nice. Also acquired some household stuff at those cheap loonie-toonie shops. (A loonie means 1 dollar, and a toonie means 2 dollars. This is because the 2 denominations are dispensed in coin forms. Google on Canadian denominations above for more info on this! )

We (7 of us) ordered one humongous plate of sushi (106 pieces) for lunner, but it turned out to be not so great in quality. Must find a better sushi restaurant…

Dai-dee can virtually be played anywhere. We played in the school at the resting area near the food area while waiting for time to pass, played it on the grass patch near the school’s bus loop while waiting for Serene, played it while waiting for the sushi, and could probably play it on the road pavement if there was nothing better to do… It’s such a flexible game, that all you need is a pack of cards and some bored crowd (>= 3, <= 10). If you want to know more about the game, google on ‘Big 2’. =P

On the way home we waited at the corner of Barrard Street and Broadway for the stupid bus 16 (which never came within our 30 minutes wait), boarded bus 9, sat beside a vagabond that was smelling of something in-the-process-of-fermentation, ate a slice of 1.20 pizza.

Haven’t settled accounts for the day yet.

Fun fact - UBC is the 35th top ranking school in the world

Went to UBC for 1st day orientation. Also bought textbooks. Nothing else interesting here, skip to the next blog please.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Fun fact - Hastings Street has nice viet, and chinese food

Came back to Vancouver today. Ate Viet dinner. Spent the whole day doing laundry, and nothing else. Wait... is there something else that slipped my mind? Wait... no. There isn’t. So there.