Saturday, September 11, 2004

Rainy Day Part 2

I think I am a bit mad today. Was singing in the rain (Imagine! Frank! Singing in the rain!)
Went to MetroTown The Canadian SuperStore to shop for a chest of drawers (18 dollars, not too expensive) and food for tomorrow's picnic lunch. Bought super cheap ham and bread (cross-fingers no one kena food poisoning tomorrow!)

Didn't push a trolley around cos tot would be fast, but in the end had to run around with a drawer on my shoulders while choosing picnic stuff (imagine a driftng drawer in between the shopping aisles). Figuring out that it was simply not too brilliant to move it with me while I was dittering around, I came to the more brilliant idea of putting it in a corner first while I do my shopping. When I came back to it after getting many best buys, found that some monkey left a (not a bunch, but a.) banana on my drawer. Twerp. Had to put it back for him/her.

Ran back in the rain carrying it. Good exercise. Lucky was wearing my GoreTex (my whole body was freaking dry AND breathable whereas my legs were soaked..) I love it. Everyone in Vancouver should buy one cos it rains so much during winter. Hmm... Should I get GoreTex pants? Maybe when I struck Toto/Lottery/4-D/Strike (which I've bought only once for a soccer game.. It was just for a bbq-cum-soccer-watching session, to add to the excitement. I dun gamble one. =)

Ok enough fun for the day. Better go and bathe and do some work.

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