Thursday, September 30, 2004

Comments required! Please feedback!

How do you think Frank is? What can he improve upon, as a person, as a friend, as a colleague, as a bf(?), as the future president of etats unis?

Please be as critical as possible, for that is to the best of Frank's interest.

Thank you for your feedback! (You can post anonymously. Or not!)


Anonymous said...

Frank's a joker.

Pamela said...

i think he can work a little on his height. he needs a better gf. he already has some pretty good+handsome+suave+charming friends like me so that dun need to change. invest in nicer looking bermudas instead of that uncle berms. i dun mind la, but it is w the fervent hope of u attracting some good babes with a little better packaging, esp if its something worn below the belt. even though money makes the world go round, without money the world will still go round cos God has designed it dynamically that way. hence, when u earn much, pls bear in mind your god friend in singapore who has been heaping praises abt u, other than your height, which he intends with good purpose to keep secret. i believe u have my bank account number. care and share. i care and u share.

visit my blog often and come back to singapore in one piece. try to smuggle in a babe in two-piece, and i will greaty appreciate.

Frank Lee said...

Thank you for your feedback! Your comment is important to me, and the problems will be rectified.