Thursday, September 02, 2004

Fun fact: Vancouver doesn't snow much. It rains a lot in winter

Went to school at 11am today. Overslept for an orientation that I don’t mind oversleeping for, and found that I missed nothing much in all my lateness. Sweet. But felt a bit bad cos played out Yanying who went to see the school’s anthropology museum instead. Just a bit bad, cos nothing much can make me feel bad for very long. =P

Window shopped along Broadway after that with the guys and bought a table tennis bat for 50 cents. Nice. Also acquired some household stuff at those cheap loonie-toonie shops. (A loonie means 1 dollar, and a toonie means 2 dollars. This is because the 2 denominations are dispensed in coin forms. Google on Canadian denominations above for more info on this! )

We (7 of us) ordered one humongous plate of sushi (106 pieces) for lunner, but it turned out to be not so great in quality. Must find a better sushi restaurant…

Dai-dee can virtually be played anywhere. We played in the school at the resting area near the food area while waiting for time to pass, played it on the grass patch near the school’s bus loop while waiting for Serene, played it while waiting for the sushi, and could probably play it on the road pavement if there was nothing better to do… It’s such a flexible game, that all you need is a pack of cards and some bored crowd (>= 3, <= 10). If you want to know more about the game, google on ‘Big 2’. =P

On the way home we waited at the corner of Barrard Street and Broadway for the stupid bus 16 (which never came within our 30 minutes wait), boarded bus 9, sat beside a vagabond that was smelling of something in-the-process-of-fermentation, ate a slice of 1.20 pizza.

Haven’t settled accounts for the day yet.

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