Saturday, September 11, 2004

Rainy Day

Happiness abounds within me though the cold wind and overcast sky casts a gloom upon the city of Vancouver. It's the kind of happiness in knowing how fragile humans are when in face with the harsh elements that God prescribe upon us occasionally. Stuffing hands into pockets, tucking them under shirts, pulling our windbreakers closer, we all struggle to keep what little warmth that we have. There is no way to fight God, and it is in this that we are reminded that He is almighty and we are at his mercy all the time.

In this kind of splendid weather, blissfulness is nothing more than sitting in the bus and listening to music, travelling aimlessly, doing nothing but watching the rain fall upon us all. Yes, I struggle too to keep my warmth, and yes I still do feel cold. But in my desperate attempts, I am happy.

I am going out again. =)

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