Sunday, September 19, 2004

I have already spent SGD5.2k??? I need a credit card...

This is madness. How the flying mama did I spend that much? I better cut down on my eating expenses++ and other non-essential stuff man...

Today ate Dim Sum at Floata Chinese Restaurant in ChinaTown and it was excellent. Now only have the Dim Sum restaurant near our place to test. Must be like govt a bit, take 3 quotations before deciding on a long term. =)

Went to Sun Yat Sen Garden, but only dittered in the open-to-public part of that, cos all of us didn't want to pay $$ to go in. Only Garry quite gian to go in, but he'll survive to visit there another day.

Queen Elizabeth was all nice and awesome except for the rainy weather and the entrance fee into the conservatory. From outside, the Bloedel Conservatory seems to be conserving some tropical region plants, which seemed totally uninteresting to Singaporeans (ooh.. Angsana, how quaint... Look! Banana tree! Awesome!...), and so dun feel anything bad about not visiting it. Maybe should google "Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation" and see what the heck it contains.

Went to Oakridge to do some uninteresting shopping and eating and resting and getawayfromthecold, and then went to VanDusen botanical gardens, but damn sad. Cos reached there around 5pm and it closes at 7pm and I'm-not-going-to-go-in-there-for-2-hours-for-7.5dollars. So we detoured to whack dinner @KFC(15 pieces for $18!!!!) but somehow ended up in Sha Lin restaurant off Broadway (the one next to Singapore Restaurant). Don't ask me why, it's a short-but-i-cant-be-bothered-to-tell story. Food was awesome, and justified for the long wait outside the door.

Went home cold/tired/full. Let tomorrow come tomorrow, for the night is mine to waste through.

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Anonymous said...

You're always eating at restaurants!! That explains why. Should really pick up a picnic basket and gather apples or something. ;)