Sunday, September 12, 2004

Bards @ Varnier Park doing spells of mischief

Forsooth, I am undone. To see or not to see, that is not the question. Time gives no heed to things well past, and we will do well to not dwell on sucheth.

Hast thou everth watcheth Macbeth in its most magnificent glory of Confusion? Such madness thee doest not know if thou does not bear witness to that of what was executed this very noon by the accursed bards. I am left unknowed, untouched, unfelt, cheated, in the careless embrace of Confusion herself, that no miracle can tear us apart. If Shakespeare knowest such vile torture has been done in his name, he bears not our sufferings, but laments our ignorance.

But, my good man, what's done, cannot be undone, and the cup of confusion cannot be untaken once it's content spilleth within your very bowels of existence. This is my curse, and cruel fate offers me no choice but to accept such a foul destitution. Shakespeare rolls in his grave still, and we do nothing, for we can do nothing for the genteel's comfort.

Heck I can't sync with shakespearean language.

Ok basically today was dim sum at chinatown (yumz and many more yumz!) If there is any better dim sum in vancouver, my good lad, tell me, for I do not know of any yet. The astonishing performance of the dims and sums was multiplied by the also astonishing prices they come at. 10 dollars was exhilirating(this is where the Singaporean bird within me goes 'cheap cheap'!), but the second wave of astonishment swept me off my feet in the other direction. Dim sum can be half priced ($5?!) if we had paid the bill at 11am. Now not so much angry at the savings that could have been saved (well, just a bit gek sim..), but next time must whack dim sum more. Also need to check out the other dim sum shop near our place...

Bards at the park performed Macbeth for us @ $19/pax, and there was no way we (I use 'we' here as I am confident I was not the only one left in a level 99 confusion spell by the bards. No wonder Cacofonix is always tied up on a tree [and gagged] in every issue of Asterix and Obelix...) could use our present day language interpreter to decipher the ancient-of-days shakespearean and enjoy the performance at the same time. If you were there, you would see my CPU (brain) overheating (that's why my mouth was open all the while during the show. It was acting as a heatsink.) It was a splendid performance anyway, judging from all the applauses they received at the end of the show. But there wasn't any shouts for encore, so I judge that the audience was (maybe?) applauding that the vicious torture was executed and done with and everyone managed to survive to go home to tell everyone how splendid the performance was, even though they don't really understand what the heck was going on for the whole period of the play. But they dun tell this last part to anyone, of course. That's the whole thing about artsy-fartsy stuff like plays and operas and symphony performances. Model of vicious cycle.

As I was saying, the show was excellent, and we washed it down with a walk in the park admiring geese/ducks/swans/whateva and taking happy pictures of them (at the same time avoiding all the happy shits they shitted happily...), and feeling waves of gloat (issit only me?)when the kite-flyers along the seaside are despondent about their fallen kites.

Dinner was at Congee and noodle house. Subarashi food at cheap prices ($6!) attainable only by sharing with 6 other refined individuals...

Took a bus (160) by myself down to Coquitlam and back to enjoy the cool evening/night. Nice route that goes along a highway parallel to the sea for a healthy distance. Came back at around 2130, tired but happy.

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