Monday, September 06, 2004

Fun-not fact - East Vancouver has super high drugs/sex/violence related crimes

Was out today at Stanley Park again and, as usual, we hollanded (but just a little bit this time round!). Had lunch at a super aerial bombardment-prone (by birds) picnic area where we played big2 and kena bombarded once on the table where we sat. It's not only me, I tell you! Having experienced so many shitty situations, I have learnt to predict and tell when the birds will come in for target practise, and the place we sat was definitely a grade-1 bombardment area.

After our short eat, and rite after we witnessed the crow's ammunition specifications, moved to another campground where we played more big2 and saw a raccoon.

Never go to the Beaver Lake in Stanley Park, it's beaver-free.

Ended the evening at Ferguson's Point (nice place! Must go there for the scenery) where we saw a wedding being held and played big2 (again!) over some tortillas and salsa. You might want to google out Stanley Park and its pics (it's worth it) rite at the bar on top right corner of this page (advert!) =P

Dinner was good at a chinese restaurant restaurant on Robson Street. Yumz.

On the way back in the bus, a druggie who was 'coming down' (after his high) sat opposite me. Oh man, never want to see that again, but I think there will be many more such happy ocassions. Throughout the ride, I was thinking of the acceleration and energy I need to stand on the seat, open the side window, and jump out of it, if the happy ocassion calls for it. I was also thinking if I would actually be able to squeeze out of the window (it looks slightly too small...).

After the druggie got off, had a short conversation with another passenger who kindly informed me that this happens often and related to me in some details on the sex/drugs/violence crime rates in the neighbourhood. That freaked me out. 3rd in violence. 2nd in sex (Victoria Streets has prostitution at CAD$5 - CAD$10!!!). 1st in drugs. 40% HIV/Hepatatis rates (wtf!). I knew that it was quite bad over at my neighbourhood, but never did thought that it was THAT bad! Need to recover from the shock. Am actually living in an area that has high accolades with the crime department.

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