Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Weekend @ Vancouver Island - A Happy Tourist

Yusry will be as happy a man, as I am, once I upload my bus photos.

Winery visit, Craigdarroch Castle, Butchart Gardens, Galloping Goose Trail, and the lively downtown... what more can I say? (Ok, I just too lazy to iterate through all the super interesting mega wonderful and awesome-to-the-max weekend... You guys never pay money to go jalan jalan like me then expect me to give you a virtual tour? Fat hope, slim chance, dudes and dudettes... =P) You can click the links above and check them out yourself... Also saw killer whales on our way back home!

Bought a decorative statue of a First Nations Indian Warrior that I had a deep connection with once I saw it. Moment I saw it, it felt like seeing myself. It was native02. Impulse buy? I dunno, but I actually went in and out of the shop 3 times (and went to all the nearby shops to look for better prices) before buying it. Although I rationalised with myself on the 100% chance that it will become a white elephant sitting on some forgotten shelf/attic/rubbish bin (ok, the imagery can be corny if you want it to be...), I still had to buy it. Some sorta obsession-at-first-sight (Elisa calls it 'so random~~~!!') that evades logic and reasoning. Take this wallll, thiiis walll and break it down, and life might be less interesting.

Went around the island on trails by myself, all again with the angsy feeling of solitude within which contrasts with the freedom without. Wanderlust is an odd couple with loneliness, but I hate to make my walks a group activity...sorry guys(and gals). I just do not want to feel responsible for whatever shit (hoLLand, bad weather, lousy scenery, remember beaver lake?) that I might kena on the way. It often happens and a large group will usually complain (hungry/tired/thirsty/wantToPee) and whateva... Hate the feeling of responsibility, for I am such a responsible guy, sigh... (dun puke!)

The sights are wonderful by the way, but the walking is... some nice some not nice.

1st walk went along scenic trail and ate some wild blackberries along the way (never kena poisoning!) and saw one of the best sunsets. I think it's the best cos there was no one else with me other than other tourists (You, my love, weren't there....), and the feeling of not being able to share it simply compounds the effects of a lonely sunset. It's like a hole-in-one without anyone to witness it.

2nd walk along Galloping Goose Trail was very rushed and incomplete (I promise myself to finish it another day, on wheels.) But it was a good trail. Went past quite a few scenic bridges (the longest trestle bridge was one of them),saw a few lakes (swan lake++), saw apple/pear/blackberry trees/bushes, mini pyramid and sphinx (what the heck?) and hollanded a bit. And oh yah, saw a SCHOOL BUS depot, and took quite some pics (grinz to Yusry). Ate blackberry again, but this time round kena food poisoning, cos backside itchy for long time 1 hour after eating. :()

Work work work! Now back to school must do work liao~~~!!

And dun rush me for the photos, for I must mug. I am, afterall, a mega-smelly mugger. Yakusoku.=)


Anonymous said...

i don't understand why blogger never lets me sign in for comments, grr. anyway, strangely enough i've never really gotten the general feeling of "i wish someone were here to share this with me". it's always either very specific (like "i want so-and-so to see this") or simply non-existent. these days it's non-existent. haha. maybe i'm just selfish. ;)

aloneness rocks when you want to do things that no one else wants to do. haha pretty obvious right, but some people would rather sacrifice feelings of comfort/freedom for company, so i guess it's not so obvious. =) but yeah i happen to always want to do things that no one else wants to do (like hang around a totem pole for half an hour taking photos from every conceivable angle) and i find aloneness is just much more efficient and fulfilling in these circumstances.

haha that was lengthy. do work do work!!!


Anonymous said...

Frank ah, you sound like you need a gf man...
Why? Cannot find canadian gf issit?

Frank Lee said...

Good things cannot rush one...

Don't want to put up publicity ad like tancheeweeisthebest.blogspot.com...