Wednesday, September 08, 2004

1st day in school

1st day of school is usually a day spent walking redundant distances in search of classrooms and lecture theatres, and mine is no exception. Comp Architecture lecture seemed highly improbably to be located within a wooden paneling in the wall of MacMillan Building as the address suggested, and no matter how I tried to peel, scratch, or scrutinize the paneling, there doesn’t seem to be any secret latch that would reveal the room for the Comp Archi Lecture. It does help though, to ask other been-there-done-that students, who then directed us out of the building into another totally unheard of corner of the school. It also does help for the jovial course lecturer to be standing outside the makeshift container behind MacMillan building telling you that you are not lost and that this obscured temporal location is indeed the TTMB room that you arelooking for.

Comp. Archi taught about temporal and spatial locality, and I wonder how many hits and misses students encounter before finally arriving at this room. More misses than hits, I guess...

Absolutely attention-holding lecturer. He was funny, fast, insightful, and informative. Think I am going to have a good time learning stuff from this jovial guy. A guy who explains to you the estimation of ‘when to start the class’ via graphical methods and probability analysis is definitely a guy you want to listen to, even if what he says does not pertain to the course. But he managed to relate this to timed releases of softwares (think Windows, and think SR1, SR2), and this guy is simply wonderful. Gave my memory a good jog through CS2102 Database, as he discussed temporal/spatial locality, indexing and whatnots.

Lunch at Place Varnier was definitely good. Cheaper than standard prices food will unarguably bring me back there again and again and again and many more again to the places. Just hope Jiayun and Zhiqing can fuel my insatiable hunger for cheap and good food with their meal plan cards.

Simply thinking that my wed and fri lunches will, in the future, be settled at Totem Park with Yanying sends chills of excitement down the very core of my existence. Cheap food = save money = $ for my Taiwan trip!!

Did I mention it before? If I spend less than 8K for the entirety of the Exchange Program, I will give myself a holiday break to Taiwan. Foodies interested in going Taiwan for nice food, take note.

Finally understood Evan’s insistence on Jelly Belly as the crème ala yogurt of jelly beans. Compared to the 1 dollar / 160g pack imitation, the real McCoy was simply divine. The soft jelly within simply (yet miraculously) blends with the hard outer coating, and the rich flavor oozes out with every suck, much like a well that is forever overflowing. Once the hard coating goes away (and you can’t really tell exactly when. The transformation was uninterrupted!) and presents the soft jelly within, it jumps around and tantalizes your tastebuds to make you bite it softly just to squeeze out more flavor. The teasing continues all the way until it totally dissolves in your mouth, making you beg for more. Can’t get enough of them.


Sometimes I really give up. All the time I try to create order, chaos sets in. Live and let die, I say. I’ll sweep my own corridor and leave it as that. I don’t like it, but that’s the easiest way out. I can be not part of the problem and also not part of the solution. It’s too tiring to try. Take it that I am blabbering nonsense here. I go on my useless ranting sometimes, and this is one of the many occasions.

I am a communistic individual who understands the importance of communism and yet respects the individualism of individuals. I put in my fair bit of work and do not expect to be shortchanged for it.

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