Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Too much change is a bad bad thing...

By that I mean the coins that evil supermarket cashiers give you.

I have not really adjusted to the speed of the super fast canandian cashiers here. They seemingly perform your checkout at some mega fast speed (2.96E8 m/s?) and instantaneously ask you for payment. Often caught without the exact change (-_-"), and it doesn't help that they come in weird figures (like $2.92, $3.47, $5.69), you are forced to give cash notes, which result in accumulation of coins. Oh yes, some cashiers at Safeway also have those menacingly fast coin dispensers that dispense to you your exact change in loose coins form. Devilish, I tell you.

I suspect there is some devious connection between those weird figures, the cashiers (they are weird figures too...), the Canadian mint and the metal-mining industry. Their converging purpose may be to fill everyones' wallet with at least 1kg worth of coins. For what purpose? I have yet to find out... Hmm...

Why do I suspect the Canadian mint? Cos they produce coins in weird denominations and sizes - 2 dollars (toonies), 1 dollar (loonie), 25cents (quarter), 10 cents, 5 cents, and 1 cents. Why are there 25 cents coins? To promote mathematical excellence among citizens? 77cents = 3 * 25cent coins + 2 * 1cent coins here, which maths is equivalent to a problem sum in PSLE! In Singapore, we just whack 1 * 50 cents, 2 * 10 cents, and 1 * 5 cents, cos NTUC round down for us... (no irritating 1cent coins in your wallet! Er... I'll complain about NTUC in some other blog entry, not this time round... This time just bashing Canadian coin system.) Also, WHY ARE THE 10 CENTS COINS SMALLER THAN THE 5 CENTS COINS? Minting error? They are so horrigibly confusing in size (yes, I confuse the 25 cents and the 5 cents still)! It all adds up to that the Canadian mint is trying to slow you down during payment, and since the normal individual would rather pay with bigger denominations and get smaller loose change (who would want to behave like an idiot who can't count and fumble with his/her coins?), they conveniently deposit large amount of loose change with you. Clever psychological plot.

Anyone knows why are they conniving in this diabolical collaboration, please post to me in private. I suspect the Canadian government may be involved. But don't post to me if you think aliens are involved.

PS: To those in CIA/CID/SAS/SCDF/any other bureaucracy agencies, please take the above blog as crap. Unless you seriously believe that there is indeed a diabolical collaboration. =)

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thimerosa said...

It seems that in the US, it's the same

the dime is smaller than the freaking 5 cent coin and the 5 cent coin is freaking almost the same size as the quarts. It's crap man, can't they just do it simply and do it in friendlier denomination and sizes. GAH.

How often did i mistake 5 cent as quarts and vice versa. Grr