Friday, September 03, 2004

Fun fact: Vancouver has a large chinese population due to China's taking over of HK

Today is Eugene’s birthday! Happy birthday to Eu! Had a big makan session (lunch) before we proceeded to Stanley Park for sightseeing. Stanley park appeared to be an island north of Downtown, much like Sentosa which is linked to Singapore by a bridge. It’s famous for the seawalls and beach scenery and an Aquarium which contains quite a large number of sea species. We didn’t visit the Aquarium, but rented bicycles to cycle around the island for the sea views. Overcycled like siao and ended up near Downtown (dun ask me how we did such an amazing thing), and had to cycle back. Spent 9 dollars on that and went for nice Korean dinner on Denman road after that.

Interesting things that happened::
From our house to downtown, we witnessed a gang fight (or 1 person kena hantam by a few...) on Hastings from the bus.
At downtown while waiting for bus to Stanley Park, I kena bird shit on my head and my beloved GoreTex jacket (for the Nth time, I kena birdshitted... I must be a shit-magnet)
We hollanded like siao while cycling.
Met a funky dude from Japan at the beach. He was backpacking (he has basically everything with him then) with a year to spend in Canada, for studying/holiday purpose. It must take a lot of courage to come to a foreign land not knowing what to do there.
We got driven out of the Korean Restaurant because we stayed to play big2 and bluff (for an hour?) after finishing dinner.

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