Monday, September 13, 2004

Lynn Canyon Park

Happily went to Lynn Canyon Park today, instead of the original happily intended Capilano Bridge. No tickets were needed at Lynn Canyon Park and we saved a bit of money. Saw some happy waters, some happy slugs, some happy bridges, and had a nice happy picnic lunch.

In all our happiness, we went shopping happily at Army & Navy's and had a happy dinner at Hon's Wonton House (happily again!).

The happiest occasion was the visit to the Gelato place! 208 happy flavours? Can you imagine that? Oh happy me! Tried some happy flavours (Death by Mango, Wasabi, Coffee, Pandan, pineapple, +++++) before settling on White Guave and Passion Fruit, Baileys' Cheesecake, and Lavender. The Lavender had some happy bits in it which tasted happy at the start, by more happy in the end! Acquired taste, I guess. All the happy time when eating Lavender, was thinking of a happy cow chewing happily on some happy Lavenders.

What a happy day! Oh happy me!

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