Saturday, September 04, 2004

Fun fact: In-store coupons are (redundent but) popular here.

Went walking by myself down Broadway and Commercial Drive, pretending to be a dodgy character looking for people to mug, so that people won’t mug me. Rubbing your stomach while passing a cheap fast food restaurant never fails to take other dodgy characters’ eyes off me. I do get stares from normal people though, but that’s safe, and I don’t care much about them. Explored all the bargain shops and eateries around, taking pamphlets here and there to compare prices. The cheap thrill of finding good buys is... cheap thrill, but it never fails to make me excited.

Somehow I like to walk around by myself compared to traveling in groups. I don’t feel the stress of ohnoisthistherightwaytogo or alamakIthinknoteveryonelikesthis. Perhaps I am too much of a communist who looks for majority agreement before coming to a decision on anything. I don’t like to make decisions for others. The freedom to stop, look, go, getmyselflostandnotworryaboutpeoplecomplainingbecause Iamtheonlyonewhoislost makes me glad I am alone at times, but then there is also the drawback of not being able to share the joys and feelings of exploration. I think I am the type that would survive best with a dog, but then again, a dog does not respond to cheap buys (though it responds to food). Maybe I should not care so much about how my companions feel, but that’s not me.

For friends in Singapore who wants to buy anything, please email me of what you want to buy. Some things to consider include jackets, shoes, backpacks, and other clothings. Timberland, Columbia, MEC (check out!! Good stuff!) are some of the good buys here. Whether I get them for you depends on how good a friend you are and how much commission I get from it. =P

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~ah ma burped once~ said...

dead chicken egg.
i help u lug bks to sch to sell.n gotta tackle mum's incessant bo liao qns for u. u better buy me sth gd.