Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We're all hamsters...

In the advent of the new "no-shoes-at-your-doorstep" policy, all of us PGP-ians have become complying hamsters!! All our shoes are neatly sent away to the shoe racks located at distant shores, and none of us dare make any noise about it... sigh...

All except our fearless Gurkha, who's now elated at his just-approved US Visa and can't really be bothered with the shoes issues (his shoes are still a practical display of Randomness and Probabilities.)

Hmm... either that or he hasn't heard the news yet....

The ultimate virus

I think I've hit the sweet spot in thinking up THE WORLD'S MOST MALICIOUS VIRUS and now I've just to figure out how to get it in implementation. Yay.

The idea? Simply one that makes your mouse's pointer icon jump a few pixels in a randomised direction - imagine how peeved the user will be when he fails to click any buttons~! Heh heh *in a diabolical tone*

How did I think of this ingenious idea? My mouse pulled the stunt on me quite a few times. Hmm.. time to get the mouse that I've been wanting to get since centuries ago.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Administrative Trivialities

On coming back to my room in PGP, I was greeted with a whimsical piece of news concerning the rules and regulations of PGP residence. This is a codified version of the news.

// FUNCTION: nothing_better_to_do
// PURPOSE: To divert residence’s attention from all the other problems (which the
// Adminstration can do everything about, but does absolutely nothing)
// that plague their stay in PGP.
// ARGUMENTS: Oh yah, there will be many arguments with the Admin…
// RETURN: Absolutely nothing. That’s what’s so extremely wonderful about this fancy
// schmancy new procedure.
Void nothing_better_to_do(residence_corridor, box)
Cleaners_check_corridors_for_shoes_and_dump_into_box (residence_corridor, box);
Set_box_location(box, end_of_corridor);
If (day == Monday)
day = next_day(day);

The formal reason for implementing this is their concern on how we place our own shoes near our door steps, in fashions that so expertly demonstrates our mathematical knowledge of Randomness and Probabilities, and endanger our lives in times of fire.

While I sincerely believe in how precious our lives are to the country and similar communities, I am not really of the opinion that 1 or 2 pairs of shoes lying outside every door can cause any intelligent individuals of decent walking capabilities to trip over and die really horrible deaths in the unlikely event of a fire (kitchen fire arising from satay-man wannabes not included) in the 4.5 feet wide corridor.

If any DO trip over and die terrible deaths, I am then in doubt of their intelligence and whether they should still be living in the first place, in which case their death MAY be timely justified, so there’s no problem in the first place.

However I am also of the opinion that intelligent individuals of decent walking capabilities, do, if I may so assume, wear shoes/slippers every time he/she locates hermself out/in of his/her room (ok, I’m sick of non-gender discrimination issues. I’ll use X instead.). And assuming also that X often transposes Xself from X’s room, it is natural to place X's shoes AT the doorsteps because shoes are meant to be worn on the feet, which are used to walk down the corridor, if I may again so boldly assume. Where else should shoes be placed? At the windows? INSIDE the room? At the immaculately designed shoe racks located at the remote end of the corridor?

I guess I will be the kind of person who wakes up to find my shoes NOT at my doorstep, walks barefeet to the box at the end of the corridor and retrieves my shoes from it (not without muttering a few elegantly pronounced obscenities undermy morning breath), scratches my backside, and proceed to the toilet for a pee-and-brush. And I think this is what a lot of us will be doing (including the muttering.)

I am glad at paying good money to Admin to bother us with such meaningless trifles to distract us from their inaction at maintaining the surroundings (tables, kitchen, aircon++). I don’t think there’s any better way at spending our money, other than using them for confetti at our best friends’ weddings - but if you do, I’ll be glad to attend any weddings with you.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'm sick.

Sniff sniff. Fever's making me go gaga, and I've slighty lost hearing for one ear (oh no, Be With Me?). Sniff. Must work.

On a good note, my Nepalese neighbour just let me have a small bite from his nepal-imported dried mango. The whole stock looks like a gigantic piece of bak kwa (it looked like a dark brown drum skin to me), complete with weave-markings from the mould which tells of his mother's love.

How does it taste like? Mango. That's exactly how it tastes like. Although quite sticky to the teeth.

And he folds it up like a piece of crepe for keeping. How interesting.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Complaints DO work II

Complaints do work, albeit with a slight backlash sometimes... there are 2 emails below, 1st is a correspondence between us and our lecturer for our Mobile Computing Project; 2nd is a broadcast message sent to everyone in the module, right after the 1st is out.

start reading from bottom to top, because of all the forwardings within.


-----Original Message-----
From: winston
Sent: Thu 9/22/2005 10:01 PM
To: Everyone
Subject: IVLE: Amendment to Assignment 2
Assignment 2 has been amended to remove the 300 node scenario as some of
you are facing some problems with the server. Please refer to the
amended assignment sheet.

Dear Winston,

I certainly don't think that the assignment is a waste of time and I'm learning a lot from it.
I'm glad that my constructive feedback is taken seriously and just to clarify I definitely don't feel that you are forcing me to take this module.
Fortunately, I won't be requesting to withdraw from this module.

Dear Ms Er,
I'm grateful to you for designing this assignment; I am sorry for making you think that I'm wasting your time or any other misunderstandings that may have occurred.


-----Original Message-----
From: Winston
Sent: Thu 9/22/2005 9:49 PM
To: Ng Kangwei Eugene
Cc: Winston; Sandeep
Subject: Re: Qualnet Assignment


If you think the assignment is a waste of time, then you shouldn't be taking this module in the first place. We welcome your constructive feedback and will make changes where necessary. But, this is merely an assignment to you and it is wasting your time, then I am not forcing you to take this module. You are free to withdraw from this module and I will support your request. Inn Inn put in alot of effort to design this assignment; so don't waste her time!!!

-- Winston

Ng Kangwei Eugene wrote:

> Hi Ms Inn,
> This job is very memory intensive, we can't do our other work with qualnet running.
> Also, 200 nodes don't work on a machine with 256 MB RAM. We haven't tested on one with 512MB.
> For 180 simulations may take 180 hours = 6++ days in all and for 3 protocols it will take a total of 18 days.
> Qualnet license will end on 30th Sept and we cannot finish the assignment on time.
> Maybe we can reduce the size of the map, and the number of nodes.
> After all, this is merely an assignment. I think we shouldn't waste so much time just because the parameters are big?
> Rgds,
> Eugene
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ms Er
> Sent: Thu 9/22/2005 2:02 PM
> To: Mock Wei Liang,Kenneth
> Cc: Winston; Ng Kangwei Eugene; Lee Weng Hong; Kwek Min Qiang; Mock Wei Liang,Kenneth
> Subject: RE: Qualnet Assignment
> Hi,
> Seems like this is a problem with the limitation of SoC sun server. Did you try to run the simulations on your own machines? Is it possible to try to run simulations on your own machines? Please try to install Qualnet and run it. If this problem persists, then we will try to resolve.
> regards
> Ms Er
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mock Wei Liang,Kenneth
> Sent: Thu 9/22/2005 1:50 PM
> To: Ms Er
> Cc: Winston; Ng Kangwei Eugene; Lee Weng Hong; Kwek Min Qiang; Mock Wei Liang,Kenneth
> Subject: RE: Qualnet Assignment
> Hi Mr Er,
> We tried it again with a packet size of 512 , and it seems that for 200 nodes , we are still getting the same messsage:
> ./ line 10: 21334 Cpu Limit Exceeded
> And for 300 nodes , its the same kind of error too:
> ./ line 10: 14077 Cpu Limit Exceeded
> Note that we are running the AODV simulations on the sunfire server's Qualnet.
> Could you please advise on this?
> Rgds,
> Kenneth
> From: Ng Kangwei Eugene
> Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 4:13 PM
> To: Ms Er; Winston; Lee Weng Hong; Mock Wei Liang,Kenneth; Kwek Min Qiang
> Subject: Re: Qualnet Assignment
> Hi Ms Er,
> We tried to run the simulation for 200 nodes. But it seems that the sunfire server cannot take it and we are returned with the error message below.
> Also each simulation takes an estimated 1hr 40 min.
> 300 nodes will be worse?
> I think the simulations will take several days in all.
> Error in file ../addons/par/memory.cpp:52
> Ran out of Memory. Run in debugger to see the location.
> ./ line 4: 8911 Abort /opt/qualnet/3.7/bin/qualnet 201ran15.config 200ran1509 -seed 9
> How shall we solve this problem?
> Rgds,
> Eugene

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Complaints DO work

The day after I corresponded with Patrick (not you, my bro),

1) Room 4A is still locked up.
2) Room 4B has tables, many chairs, and working aircon!
3) Room 4C has tables, many chairs, and working aircon!
3) Room 4D has tables, many chairs, and working aircon!

Moral of the story: Complaints do work. (well, sometimes...)

Correspondence with PGP:

19th Sept, 829pm:

Dear Patrick,
After 2 weeks, the conditions of the rooms are as below:
1) Room 4A is locked up.
2) Room 4B has NO FURNITURE and the aircon is NOT working.
3) Room 4C has tables, but only 2 chairs.
4) Room 4D has 2 spoilt long tables (each missing 2 legs) and NO chairs, and the aircon unit is barely working.

It is already halfway through the semester and these faults have been around for a long time. I am seriously wondering why we are paying normal rates for sub-standard hostelling services.

Please direct me to higher authorities if my complaints are not effective in motioning for IMMEDIATE actions.

Lee Weng Hong

-----Original Message-----
From: Prince George's Park Residence []
Sent: Mon 9/5/2005 2:51 PM
To: Lee Weng Hong
Subject: RE: Project room facilities need maintenance
Dear Lee,

We have taken note of your feedback on missing ammentities in the Project
The Housekeeping and maintenance staff in charge has been informed on this
matter and will be attending to this shortly.

We apologise for the inconveniences aring from this matter.

With Best Regards,
Management Office

-----Original Message-----
From: Lee Weng Hong []
Sent: Fri 9/2/2005 2:45 PM
To: Prince George's Park Residence
Subject: Project room facilities need maintenance

Project Rooms 4A, 4B, and 4C require maintenance.

For all these rooms, tables/chairs are missing/broken, and aircon cannot be operated. Please attend to them.

Lee Weng Hong
Residence in Blk 17, B1-E

Palindromes - read them forward or backward.

I prefer Pi.

"Am I mad, eh?" Giselle sighed, "Am I, Ma?"

A nut for a jar of tuna.

A Toyota's a Toyota

Hell, it's a Toyota still, eh?

Dammit, I'm mad!

E.T. is opposite.

Murder for a jar of red rum

Oh, who was it I saw? Oh, who?

Sex at noon taxes.

Was it a car or a cat I saw?

Yo, banana boy!

Longest Palindrome

Monday, September 19, 2005

NUS Centennial Run was a letdown.

I had thought NUS' reputation as a prestigious (haha.. good joke.) internationally acclaimed (another one!) university meant something to the Centennial Run organisers - apparently not. They'd sooner trade it for a round of happy hour beer at 'The Beer Garden', if 'The Beer Garden' does take such 'worthy' barters and if 'The Beer Garden' does really exist.

Let's count the ways the team failed NUS...

1) Registration - In an email sent out, it said that collection of the run package was delayed due to 'A Hurricane'.

Quite a way to phrase it, so everyone goes 'Ohh.. I see... sad thing to happen, aye...' and hushes up.

But why would any hurricane delay shipment of t-shirts?? Was it a lot of tees? Was it, like, 15 containers worth of them? Or maybe 5 ocean liners?? Was it big enough to justify such a last minute order of tee-shirts? What are the WAREHOUSING/logistics costs involved? 5 million? Were the tees perishable products having intensely short shelf life? Point is, the tee shirts were delayed, Katrina or not. Even if the hurricane did delay the shipment, it would be the organiser's fault to have made an order without due margin of safety for late delivery. And don't let me start on the material of the tee (it's not dri-fit.)

2) Run pack collection was quite a laisser faire event.

Going down to OED, I was promptly asked if I had a receipt. I never did print the receipt (I don't think there was any worthy of printing. Just a print-from-screen kind of receipt which most people ignores), and was swiftly rejected for collection of my run pack. Bollocks.

The administrator said 'Go down and collect on the day itself. You don't need a receipt then.' - this sentence made completely no sense to me. If I don't need a receipt then, why would I need it now???

On further prompting and circumventing the issue ( I wasn't prepared to go back empty handed), I found that they DO NOT HAVE A DATABASE of who signed up and who didn't (WHAT??), and simply relied on the quite impossible situation of every happy person turning up delightfully with colourful receipts.

After a futilie defense on his 'impregnable' stand, he caved in to Obvious Man's logic and gave me my tee and run tag. And WOOHOO>>> The run tag was a Random.getNextInt(). He just took one from a pile of them and gave it to me. What?? No proper 1-1 matching of ID to tag? Sigh...

3) The baggage collection point is at Kent Ridge. The 10km run starts at Bukit Timah Campus. Where's the logic in that?? Are we supposed to go to NUS to deposit our baggages and take a bus/plane/cab/trolley/10km-jog down to Bukit Timah Campus, all before 715am?

Through no fault of theirs, I saw quite a few non-jovial joggers muttering under dying breaths as they jog with fieldpack-sized baggages. No fault of theirs, really - just as I readily agree that God doesn't give everyone sizeable brains at birth.

4) The cloudy/rainy/Category-1 weather would have made Noah groaned, 'Not again...'

Now this is really not their fault. But everyone still pronounced their cusses eloquently.

5) There was no proper ending point for the 10km run.

Maybe they had a ra-ra party for the first 10 runners or something, but they must have all left by the time I got there. In fact, they must have also taken the 'End Point' signages/banners away in their hurry, leaving but one marshaller casually dispensing 'Tuuuurn leeeeft~~! Then end liao~~~!'' verbal cues at NUS' SRC track. If you were there, you might have seen me and a few other joggers balancing huge question marks on our heads while doing random walks in search of the endpoint for a short period of time, before declaring this a lost cause and proceeding to the h20 stand to fillup our tanks.

6) Since there was no proper ending point, there was also no timekeeper.
It is a directly violation of the joggers' event organiser's guild laws to do this, really.

You have a few hundreds of people huffing and puffing for 10km, only to tell them 'Oops, no timings! Sorry!'? If we'd have the strength then, we would have teared a few tents down.

IN ESSENCE, the run sux. And so's the carnival. Ah well, the whole event was plain bad. So there.

Sleeping with the Enemy: FIBUA tactics

We've always been sleeping with our Enemies, and we've always come out of the fight with swollen ends on our side.

I don't like it that way.
In fact I hate it. I bet you do too. Heck, no one does.

If there're any viler thoughts of malice possible against Them, I do not know of them.

Only poisonous fumes can settle the eternal vendetta between us......or is that true?

Throughout my 24 years of experience in FIBUA (Fighting In Built-Up Area) with the enemies, I have uncovered several strengths and weaknesses of The Enemies, and it may be good for the whole of humanity that I share some knowledge and tactics for our eternal war against The Enemy...

1. E=M*C*C applies.
Assuming constant energy, The Enemies' speed gets faster the smaller their individual mass is. While a higher mass denotes more lethal weapons, it also translates to slower speeds and a higher success rate of gunning them down. And I like them that way.
However, a smaller mass does NOT denote less lethal weapons, but it still does translate to higher speeds, and a lower success rate of gunning them down!
Moral of the story - fear the small ones. They pack a mean bite and are more elusive.

2. The Enemies slow down in air-conditioned environment.
Yes, this is true. I'm not sure why, but I'd bet my money on a slower metabolic rate and an increased difficulty in fluttering their accursed wings. The better to eliminate them, I say. =)

3. The Enemies like stagnant airs and dark corners.
Ventilating your room helps in getting Them out of your area. Dark Corners? Minimize them unless you have great compassion for insects to propagate their species with your blood! These minions of the devil thrive in dark corners and are most powerful there! For one thing, you can't see them well there, and they KNOW it. They bloody do. That's why moms always tell their children to avoid dark corners. It's not just the strangers or robbers, I tell you...

4. Know those plants that are said to repel them?
Doesn't work.

5. High frequency sound devices?
Doesn't work well. BELIEVE me I have one in my room.

6. Swatting?
Works to a certain degree. But I have (oh yes... I DO...) a method to eliminate them, and it works like a charm. Let them bite you. (What?) Yes, when you see them landing on you, let them bite you (but..).... and when they're all plump and succulent with your blood, they can't bloody fly well - and that's when you can try catching them with your wooden chopsticks. It's better to sacrifice a small amount of your blood (and one swelling) to get rid of the bugger once and for all, then to endure its buzzings and the multiple small bites it inflicts all over you.

7. Keep your walls (and clothings) brightly coloured.
For easy spotting of the enemy. It's like having a large clearing for a DMZ, making sure no enemies can come within respectable distances from you.

8. Drinking alkaline solution helps.
I think. That's because the enemies do not trifle with people having blood of slightly higher pH - pple like TCWITB.

9. Always have your blanket ready to trap them.
When you see them flying around, cast your blanket out like a net, and stomp on your blanket like a mad man/woman. It helps to rid the threat, but does no good for your image if your neighbour happens to be around.

10. The Enemies are especially attracted to, and well-versed in pulses and the likes. They seemed to have undergone acupoint lessons at some martial arts school in China. So watch out for your joint areas where your blood vessel are most exposed.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I like staying in PGP

because I can go and jog in the middle of the night, and my mom won't be there asking me when I'm coming back, or to deter me by
1) telling me that I'm crazy to forgo sleep and go jogging instead, or
2) complaining that she has to wash the toilet after I come home and bathe, or
3) saying that she'll have to wash extra clothes.

Much as I ignore her futile efforts in dissuading me, they do have their negative effects on me - I still put to mind what she says. It's always an institutional barrier that stifles my personal freedom, and rather than stopping me from doing things that I like, it adds a reproachful air to my actions and I'm left doing things that I like half-heartedly. And I think that's wrong - it doesn't land any of us in a good stead.

Sometimes what I need is encouragement to do what I like, to do something different. To not fit in the mould that was given to me. Who am I? Do I define myself? Yes, I do, but behind all this facade, I still care about other's opinions. I'm no island, much as I rather want myself to be, and I still need people to care for me, to be happy for me in my endeavours to be myself. And I still want to please, to live up to expectations of those who love me. To a degree, I define myself by those around me. I do have institutional roles to play.

The development of my Self is conflicting with the cathexis my mother projects onto me, though she is gradually realising that I am no longer yielding, no longer a projection of what she wants me to be.

Yes, I like the endorphin-rush from jogging around school, and I was trying to discourse on this matter. I'm not sure how I came to talk about my mom and whatever else I have talked about, but it just did. I guess these things happen sometimes - this just is one of those times.

Late nights do strange things to exceptional people. =D

知己 - 李克勤

This is a song in my chinese top 10 list.

It conjures up the imagery of a wisened elderly chinese man, with one hand gracefully concealed behind his qipao's coat tail, and the other slowly wielding a paper fan, looking afar to affirm his knowledge on the transitive nature of life...

笑一声 沧海茫茫也有枯栖,
叹一句 人生岂能竟如人意?
缘起缘灭本来如戏 世事无常犹如棋局

深爱过 又何必问结局?
千古风流人物何处寻 如今是我是你

若能程风飞去 愿别红尘而去,
起伏和机遇 已如潮去

若青春成追忆 若红颜已老去
相守在身旁的人 但愿是你
看春花秋月 夏日冬雨
谈风花雪月 有我有你

Monday, September 12, 2005


is not as easy as it seems to be (1. pull board out to sea, 2.stand on board and play around with the sail, 3.shoot off towards the sunsetting horizon...) There's a lot of physics (relative positioning, with 3 differing factors [wind dir, current dir, your position] and perhaps more) involved, and yes, Stef is rite, guys are not so good at balancing when it comes to boardsailing.

Nabuay, at the end of the 2 session course, I still can't manage a smooth take off, or even go out an itsy bit to sea. I'm at most a "* balancing on the board and let the breeze push me a bit, struggle with the sail, falter and lose balance and fall into water, and repeat from *" kind of surfer. Hmm. NOt really much of a surfer yet.

But I think I should be able to manage it better the next time I go.

One thing I think I should have done is to start off on with my right foot forward. I'm more dominant on the right foot as learned from wakeboarding, and could have had a better start on learning balancing tricks if I had used it first. I learned that at the last moment when I was coming back to shore at the end of the lesson with me on the other side of the board and my right foot forward.

I think I'm alright, since ZK, Desmond, and Lele are all also barely struggling with the accursed board which I'm half-hearted to spend more time on ("I can't believe I can't do it" vs "should I spend more time doing it?")


Obtained quite a lot of "visual entertainements" when over at our ever friendly neighbouring country last saturday night. *wink wink*. For enquiries of distributions, pls call direct.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New Balance RealRun (28th August)

MO2590 LEE WENG HONG 00:55:19 0693th (77th percentile)
MO2975 TAN CHEE WEE 00:54:37 0623th (79th percentile)

(Haiz. Lost to Chee Wee. Throw face.)

Race Stats:
Distance = 6km (Road) + 1.6km (Sand) + 2.4km (Trail)
Total Participants for Men's Open = 3121
Total Participants that completed = 3062
Total Non-Disqualify Participants = 3018

Average time = 1:05:14
Fastest time = 0:34:19
Slowest time = 2:05:18

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

In case you're looking for Rant 1,

I'm waiting for Rant 2 and Rant 3 to hit cult status popularity. And that's when I will come out with Rant 1 to complete the trilogy.

And if that works out well, I might just very well come out with Rant: The Prequel, or something like that.

I have rants~~! I have rants~~! Hear me rant~~!

2.RANT 2
Why are communal bathrooms always a breeding ground for viruses and diseases?

And why did I kena worts after barely a month in pgp?

Liquid nitro treatment is all the more a torture because of the travelling I must do to Wellness Center...(but contrary to popular belief, the treatment is fun - burning yourself always is, isn't it? [hiak hiak])

3.RANT 3
This may pertain to all you handsome but shy hunks out there.

Remember a time when you were young and have absolutely no shame whatsoever in pissing all over the floor in jovial delight, while your father/mother/daughter/son watch you in horror, and your dog watch in admiration at this 2-legged feat?

How we cower now in the face of the omni-present auntie who washes the toilet in most (if not all) shopping centers! She's always flitting around in endless rounds of serveillance, while we guys abandon the urinals to the more desperate others and head for the cubicles (an asylum from her diabolical reach.) instead.

We cower away from her invasive inquisition into our private businesses, engaging in vain helpless attempts to preserve whatever little dignity we have left inside us (and our pants). How small we feel when in such dire situations...

Which supreme being gave her the autonomous rights to move as she pleases; to scorn at our manhood; to transcend all existing cultural barriers which have long kept males apart from females in quiet desperations? All I know is that she doesn't even pay $7 (RA movie, weekday rate) to be entitled such an eye feast! Yes, all you jealous, wanton, and desperate gals out there, she actually get PAID for it. Good lobang, eh?

'Aiyah, mai kia lah' - she might go sometimes. Why should she be scared? She's the one taking liberty of us! Now imagine if you're a girl (or if you already are), and it's an old lecherous uncle telling that to you with the visual accompaniment of drooling saliva at the sides of his half-opened mouth... takes the cake and eat it too, eh?

It would seem the only plausible way to escape her evil clutches will be to get on with your business and leave as early as you can - much like a girl forced into prostitution, forsaken of all pride and honor, whose only aim is to repay her debt and get out.

And once we guys are out of the toilet, we become the dignified men we once were before entering her dungeon of lost innocence. And none of us talk about it.

We just laugh off the period of lost dignity, much like how we laugh off the 2.5 years of lost dignity which began when we surrendered our pink ICs (and dignity) to the AOs at CMPB.

At least we are out of it.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


The Blower's Daughter (Closer's theme song)

Dialogues from Closer. It's a lovely film with very nice dialogue, though it loses out to Pulp Fiction by a far cry. But it's a different kettle of fish altogether....
Dan - Please tell me the truth!
Alice - Why?
Dan - Because I'm addicted to it! Because without it we're animals. Trust me...


Alice - I don't love you anymore.
Dan - Since when??
Alice - Now, just now. I don't want to lie. Can't tell the truth. So it's over.
Dan - Doesn't matter, I love you. None of it matters.
Alice - Too late, I don't love you anymore. Goodbye.


Dan - I love you!
Alice - Where?
Dan - ...what?
Alice - Show me! Where is this love? I ... I can't see it, I can't touch it, I can't feel it! I can hear it, I can .. hear some words .. but, I can't do anything with your easy words!
Dan - Please don't do it!
Alice - It's done.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I think I'm stretching myself too thin.

My life in school now is mainly preoccupied with sleep, lectures, a bit of tutorials (while falling asleep) , lunch/dinner wif pple, movie outings, gym, runs, outside activities (more runs, hikes, exercises), surf net/MSN++

So much that when I sat down in my room yesterday at 1 am (after coming back from watching "The Maid" with my JC friends @ Orchard Cathay) to grade my CS1101X students' labs all the way until 8am in the morning, I realise that this mugger/diehard worker side of me has not resurfaced for a long time! And I do realise that after this long lull period, I'm not as sharp as I was.... (Reminds me of my RSM going, 'If you don't use it, you'll lose it.' [it's true! look at his botak head!])

Very well, Frank, it's time to start your massacre.

Gyms and jogs will continue, but let's cut down on going out, shall we? It's good for your skinny wallet too. And let's do some damage control for your FYP.

This reminds me.... events still on queue:
- this Sat&&Sun = boardsailing
- Next Fri||Sat||Sun = Ju-On marathon with JC pple
- 8th Sep = CapitaLand Recruitment Event
- 18th Sep = NUS Centennial Run
- 27/28th Sept = NUS Top Graduates Networking Nights (prepare + submit CV by 14th)
- Errrr.. so what about going to volunteer for free movies?

Hmmm... toughie.