Monday, September 12, 2005


is not as easy as it seems to be (1. pull board out to sea, 2.stand on board and play around with the sail, 3.shoot off towards the sunsetting horizon...) There's a lot of physics (relative positioning, with 3 differing factors [wind dir, current dir, your position] and perhaps more) involved, and yes, Stef is rite, guys are not so good at balancing when it comes to boardsailing.

Nabuay, at the end of the 2 session course, I still can't manage a smooth take off, or even go out an itsy bit to sea. I'm at most a "* balancing on the board and let the breeze push me a bit, struggle with the sail, falter and lose balance and fall into water, and repeat from *" kind of surfer. Hmm. NOt really much of a surfer yet.

But I think I should be able to manage it better the next time I go.

One thing I think I should have done is to start off on with my right foot forward. I'm more dominant on the right foot as learned from wakeboarding, and could have had a better start on learning balancing tricks if I had used it first. I learned that at the last moment when I was coming back to shore at the end of the lesson with me on the other side of the board and my right foot forward.

I think I'm alright, since ZK, Desmond, and Lele are all also barely struggling with the accursed board which I'm half-hearted to spend more time on ("I can't believe I can't do it" vs "should I spend more time doing it?")


Obtained quite a lot of "visual entertainements" when over at our ever friendly neighbouring country last saturday night. *wink wink*. For enquiries of distributions, pls call direct.

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