Thursday, September 01, 2005

I think I'm stretching myself too thin.

My life in school now is mainly preoccupied with sleep, lectures, a bit of tutorials (while falling asleep) , lunch/dinner wif pple, movie outings, gym, runs, outside activities (more runs, hikes, exercises), surf net/MSN++

So much that when I sat down in my room yesterday at 1 am (after coming back from watching "The Maid" with my JC friends @ Orchard Cathay) to grade my CS1101X students' labs all the way until 8am in the morning, I realise that this mugger/diehard worker side of me has not resurfaced for a long time! And I do realise that after this long lull period, I'm not as sharp as I was.... (Reminds me of my RSM going, 'If you don't use it, you'll lose it.' [it's true! look at his botak head!])

Very well, Frank, it's time to start your massacre.

Gyms and jogs will continue, but let's cut down on going out, shall we? It's good for your skinny wallet too. And let's do some damage control for your FYP.

This reminds me.... events still on queue:
- this Sat&&Sun = boardsailing
- Next Fri||Sat||Sun = Ju-On marathon with JC pple
- 8th Sep = CapitaLand Recruitment Event
- 18th Sep = NUS Centennial Run
- 27/28th Sept = NUS Top Graduates Networking Nights (prepare + submit CV by 14th)
- Errrr.. so what about going to volunteer for free movies?

Hmmm... toughie.

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