Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Enjoying Singapore

Eugene is almost done with his education, like a few other SoC pple who have only the HYP to settle this semester. He has the e-poster on 7th May and the actual presentation to settle, but he's not terribly into doing a good job ("I don't give a flying f**k") for it - he just need to pass.

After the two 'Sons of Ananda' have informally degraded into the 'Bastards of Ananda' where HYP is concerned, we are rather happy this enstrangled father-son relationship will soon come to a full closure with the end of our HYPs.

"Are you sure you don't want to go Vietnam with me after exams?"

"No lah, I'm staying in Singapore."

"And I still don't understand why. You should go out and look-see-look-see, after all, this is one of the last breaks we have before we start work."

"I'm going to enjoy Singapore"

"Mari Kita rakyat Singapura sama-sama..."

Funny it never struck me how you can really 'enjoy Singapore'.

You can go hang around shopping malls, you can watch movies/plays in theatres, you can eat good food, you can do sea sports, you can take long walks in the suburbans, but I never really considered them as 'enjoying Singapore'. It's more like engaging in pleasurable activities to while your time away. Little delights in your life, but nothing great enough for you to shout out in orgasmic joy.

I like travelling.

Duh, who doesn't.

I like to look at foreign maps and figure out where I am, to give loud sighs and headshakes over how inaccurate the maps are drawn, to get myself lost -_-" and found, to stake out precious gems (eateries, chess-playing hangouts) of the local people, to finally say "aiyah, nothing much lah" when they really are something great. I especially love the 'getting lost and found' part, albeit it MUST come with the condition that you won't die even if you get lost.

Confusing city areas peppered with local eateries are good for the food-factor,
Suburban towns with cultural delights/local produce are great for mind-opening,
rural areas with scenic views are best(but only when there're ACCURATE maps!)

So how do you exactly 'enjoy Singapore'?

I'm not really sure, but I'm going for a hike around the forested areas of Singapore (however pathetic they might be in comparison with the great Amazon jungles) right after my exams. I like long walks with green sceneries. There's this nature trail I want to explore, from Lower Pierce to MacRitchie to Bukit Timah to BKE to Mandai to Seletar.

Who's with me?

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