Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ok, so there's some bad points

to staying over in school, I must agree:

1) No bathing. I'm ok with that (scout, what...), but not for those who are olfactory-sensitive. But it does help to lick yourself clean all over... (let's not go into that, shall we?)

2) Your Tevas starts to accumulate a film of dead skin cells, and people around you start being inquisitive about a certain unpleasant smell.

3) Pimples starts coming out in large numbers for a Pimple Convention. On your face.

4) You find the need to withdraw money from YIH for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and suppers.

5) You start losing your friends, who swear to not invite you for their birthday if you persist in being a 'CAO mugger'. It's the CAO that they mind.

6) Your out-SMSes increase.

7) You actually find out who the other 'cao muggers' of the school are. They normally come out of their hidding places (in a zombified manner) after midnight. And they treat you as one of them.

But it's not so bad though. I'm fine with any of the above, so long as I get my work done...

But do I get my work done? Haha, that's... debatable.

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