Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Where did all the shit go to?

Eu and I were digressing from studies onto the topic of making money, and somehow we (or maybe just the crude me) started contemplating on the one industry that I know not of its existence, but am slightly sure might just work in Singapore.

I am talking about the shit industry.

Do you know what’s the population of Singapore? 4,240,300. With a land area of 699km2, this brings our population density to 6066 per square km. (Ok, I googled all this off from

Point is, Singapore is a very very densely populated nation, filled with happily well-fed people. Coupled with the all-so-efficient sewage collection system (see the new Deep Tunnel Sewage System), one cannot but start to think of the possibility of collecting top grade excrements from the happily well-fed population for processing into top grade fertilizers.

With enough research and development in this industry, we might very well be able to grow into a regional hub for producing fertilizers, giving all our shit to our neighbouring countries.

Hmm... I’m already thinking of how the Malaysian tabloids will blow this out of proportions...
‘We give Singapore WATER, they give us SHIT.’ - tabloid
Haha, joking only. Don’t take my scholarship away please... =P

Back to studies.

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