Thursday, January 05, 2006

The 7 Things Post...

As per requested by dearest Beatrice,

7 things that scare me:
1) Finding my bank balances (UOB + DBS) at 0 dollars, and no one to borrow money from. (*Nudging Eu*)
2) Losing my memory
3) Finding that there is no one for me to live for.
4) Finding that there is no one living for me.
5) Artichokes, lady fingers, and everything else green on the plate.
6) Final Year Project. This is the scariest of the lot.
7) Public speaking.

7 things that I like most:
1) Most edible food, esp pig trotters. Inedible food include most things green (pui!).
2) Exercise. Esp jogging.
3) Chio bus... heh heh...
4) Travelling
5) Having damn a lot of time and money and no responsibilities (copied from Beatrice!)
6) Playing minesweeper
7) Hanging out with my JC friends, playing bridge and mahjong.

7 important things in my room
- hmm... this is hard, cos my room is not important to me. No place is, actually - I'm ultra portable. Just gimme a sleeping mat, at least.
1) My soft toy pig?
2) My clock?
3) My army duffel bag... argh. There's nothing much that's important.
I'll do another list here to make up for it -

7 important possessions:
1) Wallet
2) Keys
3) Handphone
4) Spectacles
5) My Tevas
6) My Nalgene
7) My watch (which I lost recently. =|)
- with these, I can go almost anywhere.

7 random facts about me...
1) I'm left-handed
2) I have a scar on the left side of my chin.
3) I stand TALL at 1.64m. The air is still fresh at this level, thank you.
4) I have a super bad memory.
5) I was a President's Scout.
6) PSLE: 271.
7) I don't gamble, ching teng bets not included. I only bought Strike! once, and it was to liven the mood for a eat-and-watch-world-cup-together session with my JC pple.

7 things I plan to do before I die...
1) Travel a bit more.
2) Eat more good stuff.
3) Get a gold for IPPT.
4) Run a marathon.
5) Make my peace with God.
6) If time and money allows, own a provision shop.
7) Finish my fyp.

7 things I can do...
1) Write with my left hand.
2) Do 40 pull-ups/100+ push-ups in one go.
3) Catch cockroaches without fear, if with plastic bag. Else will kancheong a bit that the bugger will poke my bare hands with its thorny legs.
4) Cross my eyes.
5) Play minesweeper quite well.
6) Charm old aunties off their... hmm.
7) Walk/sit alone by myself in dark buildings/alleys/cemeteries.

7 things I can't do...
1) Write with my right hand.
2) Do split, cartwheel, hand stand, and any of those acrobatish stuff.
3) figure out what girls are thinking.
4) remember things very well.
5) win zx at bridge.
6) strike a good bargain.
7) talk slowly. Especially during interviews. And when seeing chio bus.

7 things I say the most...
1) 'Can't remember...'
2) 'FRANK-LEE speaking...'
3) 'Shiiiiit.'
4) 'Crap.'
5) 'Uh huh..' + 'Okay....'
6) 'Wanna bet N ching teng that...' - where N is an integer bigger than 0, smaller than 10.
7) 'That is a very good question.'

7 celeb crushes...[none too serious, except Mavis... haha.]
1) Mavis Fan
2) Vivian Chow [wah, so long ago~!]
3) Fish Leong
4) Fiona Xie
5) Michelle Chia
6) Lin Chiling
7) Jeanette Aw

IF i had to pick 8..excluding Beatrice whu got me to do this at the first place..
1) Eu and his queen
2) Yus
3) Kenneth
3) Chee weeeeeee~!
4) Thim
5) Celven
6) Nerissa
7) YY~!

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