Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Settlers of Catan

My siblings, and, of late, my motley gang of JC friends, have gathered interest in spending quality time rattling 2 dice and breaking up in vile curses over the improbabilities of their outcomes ("That's impossible! How come you throw a 12 again! --censored-- "), all in the good name of wholesome family entertainment.

We are playing Settlers of Catan, a game where you gather resources via dice throws to build roads, settlements, and cities to win the game (when you will be 'hailed by all as the Lord of Catan' - but we never do carry out the pompous [and ridiculous] ceremony of obeisance though it's part of the rules.)

My brother has the basic set and we've gotten the expansion set, so we're good for 3-6 people without the need of going to the expensive Settlers' Cafe. Do tell me if you're interested in playing the game - we can take some time off our busy schedule to whoop your sorry ass.

But if you're good, you can whoop mine. =)

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