Friday, October 07, 2005

A rather busy week

These few days have been late night project meetings mulling over Mobile Computing's deadlines, and the group of us have not been having an easy time - but nevertheless, I am optimistic about our overall standing in the module.

We have a crack team of very efficient team members for the tough going: Eu (The Think Tank - he comes up with all the innovative solutions), Kenneth (Mr. Dynamic - does everything chop chop), and Minqiang (The Research Paper king - mention an idea and he knows which paper got mention about it on which page, which line, which sentence.)

(Most times I think I'm leaching off them, sigh... I'll try harder to be relevent.)

On a good note, we have been finishing our projects an average of a day earlier and being the first to do submissions, and I think that's pretty impressive!

Keep it up and I think we can all do very well for the module. =)


The many recruitment talks in recent weeks have kept me well-fed, but regretful over why I did not do any internships with any companies (my CV's quite short).

Let's keep a tab - Capitaland, Citibank, Top Grads, BP, DBS, and later - MOE HQ, HSBC, Credit Suisse.... assume each night dinner costs $3, that's a savings of 9 * 3 = $27! Heh.

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