Friday, October 07, 2005

What?? Vancouver is best city to live in?

Hmm... never did have that perception while living in East Hastings, but maybe it's just because I was living in the eastside of town. And with 2 clowns somemore...(rite, Garry and Eu? ;)

But I do miss the weather; the late-hours studying in Kroener library; and a few other things.

And I will definitely remember the day before prog lang exam when
idiotic Garry ask stupid Frank to go study in SUB around 2am in the morning,
and Frank stupidly agree and pack up his camp and laptop and stuff,
and run from Gage place to SUB to find him,
only to find the whole building locked up and Garry nowhere in sight.

And how he waited there in the cold wintry night,
with colder wind blowing against his cold face,
standing like an absolute fool looking for his sanity,
afraid that Garry is also looking for him,
for about 30min.

Then Frank gave up and ran back to gage place for some warmth in the lounge area,
and Garry came along 10 min later,
and they started mugging for a desperate short while,
before rest is really really inevitable,
and both concussed for maybe 2 or 3 hours (after N hours of mugging before that),
before they had to rush for the 8am test.

And stupid garry came out of the exams earliest after... 1hr..? To go buy stuff before going for a trip or something.. I can't remember. And he still got bloody good grades.

And I finished the exam with the rest... and I went shopping a while before my final hols break in Canada/US too.

Yah, it was all quite a rush to just pass the exams (though we didn't get shabby results) and carry on with the last few days of freedom in that country....

...though idiotic Garry is now having a fun time gallivanting with gwen in Sillicon Valley.


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