Saturday, October 08, 2005

When I promised myself that I would do some cooking

in PGP, it was with the supposition that the kitchen will be a functional one.

Up to today, I have done no cooking in PGP. This is because I have been peeved with the state of the kitchen since day 1.

There are dead carcasses of ants in the fridge amongst all the half-opened packets of beef/KFC leftovers, half-used-and-exposed cucumbers; ants crawling over the dirty pots and pans stacked INSIDE and BESIDE the washbasin; ants crawling all over the grease-marked kitchen table top; markings left from greasy pots and pans placed over the dining table top without any mats; and a foul stench that emits from nowhere in particular because it's everywhere.

How to cook in such an environment? I had thought guys would be more professional when it comes to kitchen hygiene - obviously I haven't shared a kitchen with people other than my family members (who are very particular about hygiene), or Eu and Garry (I tot Garry was quite the limit, but I'm obviously wrong again - he's neat in comparison.)

I avoid the kitchen when possible, having no possessions in it except for a bottle of honey I use on my bread (i keep in room) for breakfast. It's disappointing, I know.

I don't think I can perfect my stir-fry techniques or carry out any taste experiments here, much less the thoughts of actually baking something edible to shame my sister's endeavours in Home Economics.

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