Thursday, October 13, 2005

The talk with Permanent Secretary of Education

yesterday was quite an engaging and informative one. Present were a number of students from SMU, NTU, and NUS who had went on one (or more) exchange program(s) to various countries around the world, and all of us had something to say concerning our experiences.

The main impetus for the talk was for the Perm Sec to better know how exchange programs have benefitted us, and how MOE can step in to further help Singaporean gain a global perspective amidst a globalisation trend that is advantageous for Singapore's growth into the region - but this advantage can only be possible with more Singaporeans willing to venture out into the region. It is with the use of Exchange programs MOE hopes future Singaporeans are more accustomed to the idea of living/working overseas and decrease our resistance to a job abroad later on during our working life.

Already, there will be better conduits for students to access loans/funds for their expenses during the programs - something I find very important for students who have the interests but not the money.

It's heartening to know steps are being taken by MOE to help Singaporean students.

MOE is giving more money for Exchange Programmes!

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