Saturday, March 25, 2006

Blinking lights

looking out of the window I see 5 taxis lying in wait either for the full midnight surcharge, or for their drivers to come back from their kopi break at the adjacent coffeeshop.

The anomaly was the taxis blinking their waiting signals in synchronity - a rare sight.



Blink. Blink.

Apparently not all vehicles have waiting signals blinking at a constant fixed rate, as they were soon out of sync. Formulas of periodic signals came annoyingly into my mind as they remind me of how I have studied [and remembered] formulas pertaining to them in the past during engineering class [the horrors!], which I have so successfully shut off from my mind since then.

One formula concerning how different signals of different frequency mixed together [yawn] will produce a system that has another different frequency, similar to the "lowest common multiple" principle we know so familiarly from math class [yawn again.], came and refused to budge in my mind.

I was soon doing practical observation of the vehicles, counting the number of flashes needed before they were in sync again.

One minute of intense concentration later, it dawned on me how sick and tired of my HYP I was, that I would even be digressed by such a trivial anomaly.

Time to go back to the grind.

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