Saturday, March 11, 2006

Touch 2006

The pianist plays a cheesy tune...

Random digressing thoughts in my mind during the piano concert

1) Why, oh why, didn't my mum let me learn piano instead of drawing?!? (I recalled my first landscape painting with BLUE clouds and WHITE sky, and gave an almost audible sigh.)

2) Lemme see who's dozing off... (scans the audience)... heh, so many.

3) If monkeys can read line patterns on leaves and initate some funky dance sequence, would we be as surprised as them looking at a pianist read music scores and play the piano?

4.1) She's pretty, but she's......hmmm... God's fair.
4.2) She's tall and slim, but she's..... hmmmm... God's fair.
4.3) Wah, she can play really well, God's really fair~!

5) My future wife must know how to play the piano, so my child, at a young age, can listen to her play the piano and induce pattern recognition abilities...

6) If one tix is $12, then one theatre is $12 X 300 = $3600, assume costs are.... then....

7) Is the musical instrument market as good as zx make it out to be? Can do import/export?

8) Wah shit, my HYP.... die liao lah.

9) Would piano playing still be classy, if they simplify all the description lingo ?
(Adagio =>play slow slow)
(Paventato => play scarily)
(Ponderoso=>whack the bloody keys)

10) Assuming diffraction of sound waves and idealistic reflections on walls, the best sitting positions are....hmmm. Not here.

11) What if the page turner forgets to turn the page?

PS:: I was quite sure the best job ever would be the "page turner" for a pianist in a concert, until N came out as a page turner. Hmm... So pianists actually undergo job rotations as well (pianist<==>page turner), which means there's no permanent position as "page turner".

And I was thinking of what to put on my cover letter and resume already.

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