Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Everyone loves Frankie Foo~~~!

Not that I am terribly interested to update everyone on how refreshingly exciting my life has been these few days, but incessant pressing by a bevy of ardent Frank-fans has caused me much annoyance that I am compelled to blog, in attempt to satisfy their insatiable appetite for more updates on the greatly cheesed off (but nevertheless, popular) Frank.

After much efforts in my first attempt at generating income to uplift my station in life by selling roses on V-day, things never seem to stop coming my way. Ah well, such is the making of a great man...

It's about time for Frank's Elder Brother to make space for Frank's Great Expansionistic Policy (hereforth known as GEP) for a Greater Co-prosperity Sphere in the house. Recently (and finally!) he's wisened up to hasten his marriage to Baoli. Already, the Union of Siblings has enqueued (physically and mentally) all his belongings for relocation to his new house in Dover, and cast dices for the forthcoming properties. The wardrobe is mine in expectations. Subtle hints of 'When are you going to move all your stuff to your new house??!?' does have effects on Frank's Elder Brother, never mind his resistance.

Engagement in church was last Sunday, and I had to play mentos-distributor-cum-doorman-cum-photographer during the ceremony. Now, I am a prodigy photographer, and I have done my best for my beloved brother. I do admire all my artistically blurred shots in the dimly lit ceremonial hall, but it's a pity not all can appreciate such artsy fartsy shots. The indignity Frank suffers from his solitude in this highest realm of artistry. Frank suffered again, from indigestion, from the ala carte lunch of buffet proportions after the ceremony.

ROM was on the following day on Monday, and once again, my skills as photographer was called upon, but not (never) rewarded enough. My expertise at artistically blurred shots was once again showing at its peak - and once again, such flawless shots were condemned by the masses. What fun is there in cliche shots of perfection? The essence of natural imperfection of Life is drained away, leaving nothing more than a utopic make-believe of the self-deceiving mind. Frank suffered again (indigestion, again) from a lunch buffet at Hotel Phoenix after the ceremony.

There's going to be a sampling of dishes on Thursday night for the coming wedding dinner at Marriot, and once again, Frank's palatte is going to be tarnished by mundane food. Tsk tsk tsk. Woe upon me.

I embraced the bloody hot weather in Singapore with a swim and a tan on Saturday in the company of TCWITB @ Tanjong Beach. It's a shame that the desperateForFrank babes kept a distance away from me due to the unwanted presence of TCWITB.

After the sun gave up on bronzing us, we headed for Cineleisure for the showing of A Very Long Engagement (casting Audrey Tautou!). It was, indeed, a very long engagement, in both the marital and military sense. Highly recommended for the artistically inclined who has the patience and appetite for the finer things in Life. If you don't, you will find it a thoroughly confusing and boring show deserving your great acclaimation, in the name of keeping up appearances per se.

1) Driving lessons have started.
2) Catching up of homework is to be started at the earliest possible convenience to avoid periods of extreme stress and discomfort in the near future.
3) Visitation to Eu's place tomorrow.
4) Autograph session with Frank's ardent fans (namely he, him, and himself) on Friday.

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