Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I've got something against lady drivers

and that something has to do with their driving. They're doing anything but driving.

Now we've all received emails with picture attachments showing some ladies doing spectacular stunts with their extraordinary cars, ranging from driving off the cliff while on the phone, to driving into a wall straight on for whatever reason that continues to elude the general public, but I've personally done some back-of-the-mind counting on my personal encounters with them dangerous senioritas, and they stand up to a pretty good curve distinctively different from a normal distribution.

There's a few of them who stopped dead in the middle of a cross junction when the red lights are up (and some actually reversed back to the box); some who pay immense attention to what's-for-lunch and have to be loudly reminded to drive off by forgiving drivers behind; some who park one car in one-and-half lots; and one most memorable lady that drove against the flow of traffic (albeit on a lonesome road). Most times that I witness some anomaly with traffic flows on the street, it naturally comes to my mind to check if it's a guy or lady driver. Most times, I stand correct.

I don't have much against ladies driving if they can drive well, really. It's just that there are more ladies out there who spoil the reputation of the whole flock by reckless acts of selfishness (or pure denseness in the brain). I suspect it's a psycho-motor issue, but I have no evidence to back that up.

But I do know some lady drivers that can drive well, so there's hope for all of us. We do need ladies to fetch their own shopping bags/grocery/children, to relieve the workload of their other halves.

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