Saturday, February 05, 2005

Table Tennis

It can hardly be pleasurable to play table tennis and badminton in a PGP hall where there's a non-cooperative air-conditioning system in charge of maintaining comfort levels. But that's what we did, and our abiddance in fellowship-mannered suffering did us good to enjoy ourselves not a bit less, but rather more. I'm much obliged and charmed.

Eu plays a mean hand at table tennis, what with all his strategic ball landings which kept me rather occupied and annoyed. But it's all in a good way, for he's a worthy challenge. I have yet to learn how to do a smashing good smash. But once I do, you (Eu) better watch out. =P

I was almost sure that my order for dinner bore a striking resemblance (where naming conventions and my personal understanding [which did not do me very much good] goes) to something I've been yearning for since leaving Taiwan many moons ago, but was refuted the chance to be gleeful. It turned out quite different from my idealistic pining, and I figured out that it's really never possible for me to get back the same feelings of that distinctive Taiwanese dish, unless I am back in Taiwan eating at that same stall, that same dish, from the old familiar chipped blue porcelain bowl. And even if that's the case, my expectations may prove us an unworthy combination already, and pleasure will evade us still. I am now in the opinion of leaving it as the beautiful memory it is now, instead of spoiling it with attempts to savour those moments again.

I slurp already.

And this is all on top of a gradually clearing up view of great trouble ahead. Oh bother.

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