Saturday, December 17, 2005

I love the 7-eleven...

"Ding dong~~!"

at NUH because they sell cheaper and better food than the NUH cafeteria does. Did you know? At the Nasi Padang stall in NUH, a plate of rice + chicken wing + sunny-side-up will set you back by $3.50? Let's do a calculation, shall we?

Chicken wing = (inflated outside price) * (more inflation) = ($1.50) * 1.2 = $1.80
Egg = (inflated outside price) * (more inflation) = ($0.50) * 1.2 = $0.60
Rice = (inflated outside price) * (more inflation) = ($0.50) * 1.2 = $0.60
TWICE INFLATED TOTAL = 1.8 + 0.6 + 0.6 = $3
Selling price = $3.50 = TWICE INFLATED TOTAL + SERVICE CHARGE = $3 + $0.50


"You were expecting this? Fat hope, or $7."

Perhaps they are banking on the patronism of patients from the brain-damage ward, or desperate muslims in need of food less hazardous than normal hospital fare.

Hmm... come to think of it, there's quite a lot of malay stalls selling food at higher than prevailing prices. Thinking aloud if it's because malays can only eat halal food and thus have limited options in sourcing for eligible alternative eating places... Some sort of supply-demand thingy?

Anyway, back to the 7-eleven. After extensive groundwork and meticulous research into the NUMEROUS afterdark feeding areas (3 of them) around SoC, I have arrived at the indisputable (unless you're a vegetarian [in which case you would do well with a pair of shears]) conclusion that the best after-dark makan deal would be the NASI BRIYANI + BIG GULP combination in the NUH 7-eleven. Second place would be the Dodo instant noodles in the same 7-eleven.

WHY NUH wins:
1) Nearest location to SoC.
2) Got ATM to draw money (but this point is now invalid since there's ATM @ SoC)
3) SOMETIMES got pretty nurses. Biggest draw.

Why NASI BRIYANI + BIG GULP win? Cos they got promotional offer at a bundle price of $2.80, which is much cheaper than any food-resembling item sold at exorbitant prices at the cafeteria.

Why Dodo instant noodles? 2 dollars by itself. Good eating, if a drink is not preferred.

All this being said, we must question the motivation for such an analysis given above.

And the motivation is simple: All sad blokes working on their f***king FYP 24/7 in SoC have to feed some time or another.

Having fun working on a glorious weekend

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