Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Standard Chartered Run Time

Distance: 10km
Chip Time / Gun Time: 55m:40s / 1h:5m:58s
PLACING IN THE ENTIRE FIELD: 540TH / 6846 => 7.9% finish faster (chip time)
PLACING IN GENDER (MALE): 444TH / 3725 => 11.9% finish faster (chip time)
DIVISION PLACING (MEN/SIN): 287TH / 2735 => 10.5% finish faster (chip time)

Timing could have been better if I had started earlier (started 10min later) and not be blocked by the massive turnout. Had to zig zag my way/ run on grass sides/ be stopped, while running. Quite fed up about that.

I think the Standard Chartered Marathon is a very professionally organised event. The timing system in place is quite impressive; the roads were good; the water points are adequate; and the chio bus are there... haha...
And the website is good lah~~! Really detailed statistics of your run, and even have a bird eye view of your position at the finishing line.

Only bad thing is the crowd. Too much people who were not interested to be there being there. Companies shouldn't force their employees to go for the event if they are not interested. Ended up blocking the roads, reducing the timings of those behind, like me. Grr...

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