Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Frank's first attempt at golfing.
Played golf at a driving range at Sin ming after Narnia with Kelli, Mike, Lynn, Stanley, and James. Once again felt like a fish out of water/monkey robbing a bank/banana in a teapot, being the charlie chaplin who makes surprisingly accurate hits at the grass patch BESIDE the golf ball.

Does Eu know James Koh, the tennis pro? I have certain impulses to pull Eu into my JC clique, which is surprisingly increasing in members - there's Stanley when Lynn's around; Kenneth's a new mahjong khaki; James' a tennis khaki of Lynn+Stanley's.

Mike is "spreading his resources too thinly" managing his "stocks portfolio", going dragonboating, learning tennis, learning inline-skating, wakeboarding, on top of his MA work at stanchart. Makes me think of myself spreading my resources too thinly as well - jogging, gymming, hanging out with the clowns, windsurfing, inline-skating, wakeboarding(not really for a long time!) But my main resource constraints is more money than time, although I foresee an impending payback period to my FYP. And the v-day roses thingy again. Haiz. But they are necessary evils, for my degree and for more money respectively.

On a side note, I have been watching too much movies/anime. You know that when you have dreams of kongs and little chickens wearing spectacles engaging in the freedom fight in Narnia, with Naruto and his kage bunshin no jitsu on the opposing side - with Jacky Cheung singing a sad love song in the background.

Help. My hat's on fire.

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