Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Nothing like a deprived childhood to brighten your day...

Went back to Toa Payoh (old home) to have lunch last Sunday after church. The food's still cheap there.

It is one of the few untouched hawker centres left in Singapore (the others are mostly upgraded and have lost the authentic taste [and prices] of yesteryears.) where they serve excellent tasting food in the absence of hygiene. Had my favourite pig trotters there, and I have, after sampling a number of pig trotter-serving stalls in Singapore, come to think it as one of the best in this small island.

"Mommy, mommy... I want pig trotters..."
Pig trotters. One of the few foods where you can comment “老板!你的猪脚炖得好烂!" and receive thanks from the cook.

I've always liked pig trotters, but never did have enough of them when I was young. Maybe it was unhealthy or expensive or because no one else in the family liked them? I dunno. But I'm making up for my deprivation now by gorging on them whenever I have a chance to now.

It's the same for Nutella hazelnut chocolate. I'd remember them coming in small rectangular plastic packaging where you scoop them into your mouth with a small spatula of sorts. It's always a source of delight for me after my kindergarten session, but I only have them on days when I'm good. Which is not often. Haha... Hmm.... maybe I should buy a bottle of it, stick a spoon into it, and leave it on my table so I can eat it whenever I feel like it.
"Mommy, mommy... I want Nutella..."
Somehow, I think all of us SHOULD be deprived of some things when we were young. Makes life more interesting that way, and you learn to treasure them when you grow up.

And what can be more satisfying than drinking a 5-pack Vitagen using a single straw, while they are still tightly clinging together in the 5-pack shrinkwrap? Oh.. the envy you see in little children's eyes...
"Mommy, mommy... I want Vitagen..."

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