Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas~!

Ah... how time flies and sting us on our bottoms all the time.

Once again, we are at the festive season where little children whine about not having ridiculously priced toys which existence is based on parents' guilt of inattention; where consumers get to be foolish kings and queens to profiteering manufacturers; where sad sods hope to land (in vain) a kiss from their imaginary cinderellas under mistletoes strategically placed by them beneath every entrance/exits; where happy people gather to be happy together, and lonely people gather to be lonely together; and where picture frames are given, thanked for, and kept forever in the deepest recesses of the most remote cabinet.

If there's anything to be happy about, it's the long weekend of scampering northwards/southwards to restock on DVDs, chewing gums, and a healthy dose of cholesterol.

...and don't forget to make your New Year Resolutions which you will never manage to keep, yah? Have a jovial season with your friends.
Merry Christmas

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