Saturday, November 19, 2005

24 pushing 25 and I'm still a boy??? Sigh...

Was going for my breakfast at the SoC canteen after a really cold night of sleep in the lab, when I was stopped along the s16 corridor by an SoC admin staff whom I was familiar by face with. She was hanging around the corridor doing the horrific task of shushing everyone into silence, as an exam was going on then.

She shuushed me to stop.

"Shuush, boy~~!" she went.

"Erm yah?" I paused.

"Help me buy coffee. Normal one," and she handed me 50 cents.

I stopped for a while to think how I should respond.

"Nothing like an ol' strong morning brew"

Firstly, I wasn't really chummy with her - I don't even know her. I mean we know each other by face and encounter in the admin office (when I go over to hand in SEP application; to ask about my teaching pay++), but we never did know each other by name or if we really do know each other by a 5-hop link of friends (caveat: your friends' friends' friends' friends' friends can be Bill Clinton...)

Secondly, I AM A BOY??! I'm freaking 24 and I can:
1) drive a car (I'll proudly show you my driving license anytime, especially if you can't drive - guffaws);
2) sign my own consent forms;
3) watch RA movies (more guffaws);
4) travel overseas without holding my mother's hands (hmmm...?)

the only thing that I can't do is earn my own keep (that'll be next year) and that's because I'm still schooling. So which part of my life constitutes a 'Boy'????

But sigh, this frame of contemplation didn't last for more than 15 milliseconds (ok, it was more of an afterthought), before I replied "OK~~!", like a boy who was eager to deliver a package in his local neighbourhood for the DHL man in exchange for a sweet or something. Except there wasn't any sweet in the one-sided bargain.

"You drive a hard bargain.... here's your sweet."

Sigh.... I guess I'm still a boy. At least I'm more chummy with her now. Her name's Devy.

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