Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Daylight saving hours in NUS??

PGP people are mad, I tell you.
420am in the morning, got time don't sleep go play swing at playground.

It almost feels like 9pm in the cluster - everyone's light is still on and music is playing on laptops. People are bathing and asking 'How's revision?' in the toilet.

And I looked downstairs, half-expecting Taichi Man to be down there doing his routine.

Crazy people.


Now that there are going to be as many cubicles in female toilets as there are the sum of urinals and cubicles in male toilets, I'm led to wonder if male toilets should totally abolish urinals and have all cubicles instead.

I mean, if 4 gals can do their *ahem* MNC at one time, compared to 2 guys doing their *ahem again* MNCs(with another 2 only able to do SMEs) is it still fair? Or is it a case of one being fairer than the other?

Sometimes, the battle for equality doesn't result in equality after all. Perhaps it had always been equal in the macro-scale. Just not equal in aspects where we choose to focus on.

"cos(90) + i * sin(90)" not being the same as "cos (45) + i * sin(45)" if you choose to compare them in either their real or their imaginary form. But their magnitude and power are the same - it's just a phase-difference between the two.

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