Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Post exam blues

Haiz. NO exams already leh... How am I going to spend all my IDLING HOURS????
Should I try fishing?
Haha. Not really. Don't kill me just yet.

My blues are about the current state of my education career.

At the end of yesterday's MOBILE COMPUTING paper, I knew that my First Class is a goner (regardless of my fluk-ish CA marks); at the end of today's SIGNALS, it is more than less confirmed that my First Class has taken a plane to Timbuktu on first class seating and won't be back for good. I estimate B+ for both - which means my CAP will drop to around 4.48 - quite good for 2nd Upper, but slightly missing the First Class.

To Timbuktu, with Love.

Not that I'm plain just-kill-me kind of sad. I'm rather both sad and happy. I've sort of planned for both the if-and-else cases, but have always been annoyed at the uncertainty of whether it's an 'IF' or an 'ELSE' - but it's quite quite confirmed that I fall into the 'ELSE'-case now, and I'm the happier for it. Though I'm still sad I'm not 'First Class' material (dammit!)

Why the heck am I happier?
Would you not be happier if you didn't have to spend the rest of your academic life slogging in your lab trying to polish up your FYP to A/A- grade, with another module to score A/A- as well? And for what purpose? A first class cert? Yah, it looks good but is it worth the effort?

IF-CASE: (Still in range of First Class)
PIA FOR FIRST CLASS STILL. WORK WORK WORK while worrying that the final result is still a 2nd Upper. Simple but tedious plan. =(


ELSE-CASE: (Fall to 2nd Upper)
2nd Class => Lots of CAP buffer => Can anyhow do my FYP and CRITICAL SYSTEMS module next semester~~~!
This then means that I can spend time doing things OUTSIDE of academics. Academics is starting to bore me - so, yay.

In essence, I can work up some untidy codes and kiss Ananda [FYP Sup] goodbye by the end of the holidays and spend the next semester doing self-improvementsss:
1) Improving my memory
2) Going for Toastmaster + polish communication skills (which I super lack)
3) Grasp the tacky techniques of windsurfing and inline-skating
4) Salsa?
5) Do some business (Frank has a cunning plan~~~!)
6) Go for unregistered classes (like Marketing, French, ++)

Isn't that infinitely more interesting and wonderful? After all, I'm seriously contemplating a non-engineering career.

My dream career.

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