Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Friendster thingy post.

Oh man... Friendster is NP-complete...

I'm not a Friendster person but it all started when I got curious enough to find out if there are any mutual friends between me and my friends, and if there are any friends I know who are not in my Friends List.


That's how long it took to complete 1 circle of friends, up to 3 degrees. With an addition of 104 friends.

It started off with WPS and somehow drifted over to NUS and RI/RJ, then Scouts. And the discovery process is filled with personal thoughts including:

1) Eh? How come he know her??
2) Wah lau, how come he looks so "act cool" here??
3) Piang, she never look so chio in real life leh...
3) Wah... chio... droolz... (somehow digressed to voyeurism :p)
4) How come got Andy Lau avatar?
5) So long never see him/her, now look so different...
6) How come got Stephanie Sun avatar??

And because of the 2.5 year lag due to NS, I find some of my male seniors knowing some of my female friends (same age), and some of my female friends (2yrs younger) knowing some of my male juniors. How interesting.

If I know you, do add me to your Friendster using the link on the right. So I need not 海底捞针.

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