Thursday, November 10, 2005

I have %#@%@@ lost my phone

To all my friends,I won't have your numbers anymore.

It's all inside my SIM card.

Please send me an email ( list with all our mutual friends and phone numbers observing the following format (so I can create Excel file):

:list= (:listing :n)*
:listing = :name(, :phone_number)+
:phone_number = :hp OR :house
:hp = [0-9]+
:house = [0-9]+
:name = [A-Z]+
:n = line break

List =
Frank Lee Weng Hong, 93627261, 68923242
Jonathan Lu, 98218722
Winny The Pooh, 9992415, 9992411

My last sms received is from ZK asking me to go to Xin Yan on 29th. I guess I will be too skinny in the wallet to go now.

Kusok. Sacre bleu. Tmd.

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