Monday, November 14, 2005

Exam Revision

It's getting insane over here.

Time left before the start of exam is getting lesser and lesser, and I'm still spending futile efforts wooing Signals, trying to get to know her better - when I should have married her donkey years ago in LT7. The going's not good.

I hate Signals.

Meanwhile in desperate attempts to avoid studies, I survey SoC's toilets as a self-imposed plumber (I'm a closet plumber) and have since fixed 3 toilet flushing cisterns. Maybe I should consider a professional career as a plumber, if all else fails.

Frank starts a plumbing business...

Though I'm constantly led to wonder about the many spoilt toilets in SoC. Is it because SoC students have no life and stay in school all the time ==> shit a lot in school ==> increase utility of toilet facilities ==> shorter lifespan of toilet systems? With no direct association to the above, I know of a SoC professor whom I see regularly in the toilet in the wee hours of the morning - washing up with a full compendium of toiletries, towel included. Felt like laughing at him for having no life, but soon realise that I was there in the same toilet in the same wee hours of the morning. Haiz. Then I got jealous of his nifty set of toiletries, wishing I have something similar to wash up with.

Ha! At least he doesn't have a Standard Chartered complimentary beach mat to use as sleeping gear in his lab.

Or does he?

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