Sunday, March 20, 2005

1 star kayak course

is finally over and I'm chao ta. I'm so chao ta that you would probably reject me if I was a one-dollar chicken wing sold to you at Ghim Moh market.

And once again, I've been duped. Next time you see a lobang in Singapore, better look at it twice to confirm it. They seldom are the rEaL deals, noting that Singaporeans are a rare breed with eagle eyes for such finds, and most would probably be snatched up even before they come up.

I've started on the kayak course because only PA SSCs offer kayaks at the incredible rental rate of S$15/DAY, whereas other places charge 5/HOUR. But you've have to have the 1-star cert to be able to rent their canoes. Ah, so there's the catch. Noticed that.

The course costs 25 dollars. Very well. That means I breakeven with 2.5 sessions of 5-hours-kayaking.

But to be eligible for the course, you must be a member of SSC. And that costs 30 dollars for 2 yrs of membership. Very well. That means I breakeven with an extra 3 sessions of 5-hours-kayaking. So to breakeven, I have to chalk up a total of 5.5 sessions of 5HK within the period of 2 years. Hmm. The catch snowballs.

And then I didn't read the clauses - which probably was invisible-inked into a secret wall at the secret basement of Changi SSC, with its key probably long stolen by Yamashita and kept together with the secret treasures lying beneath some unknown corner of MacRitchie before he left Singapore. The limitations of the 1-star cert was only conspicuosly revealed to me at the end of the 1-star kayak course - in a bid to attract suckers for the 2-star course.

It seems that with the 1-star cert, I'm limited by the limitation buoys that floats around the seas where the PAs are, with no other purpose but to stop pple like me from having extreme fun. Solution? 2-star cert.

Hmm. So to be able to kayak randomly around Singapore and stopover at different islands to gaze at stars at night, I have to get the 2-star cert which is another 3 days of course, and costs 35 dollars? That means I will have to....chalk up a total of 9 sessions of 5HK within the period of 2 yrs? Oh man... I must be really committed to the idea of kayaking to afford all that time... and I'm talking only about offsetting the overhead costs.

What with the Changi Sea Sports Club located at the ever-ulu eastern tip of Singapore, where not even the most desperate birds go to lay their eggs - this is not really a good deal.

But I'm in this already, and I might just as well go for the 2-star. Who's in this with me? Please stand up, suck your thumb, and shout aloud, 'I'm a sucker!', before calling me to arrange for our 2-star session with PA SSC.

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