Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bambino - Pizza and Pasta

There is this stall in NUS Science canteen that attempts to sell excuses for pizzas and pasta, and at exhorbitant prices. If you have never tried (or even heard about) the stall, keep it that way - The Lord preserves those that He loves.

Their pasta is pathetic. Capital P, bold, underlined, italics, font size 72. Undercooked and bitey to taste, I am sure my mother cooks better pasta with shoestrings than them. And I am not talking about any other mothers but MY mother.

And what about the cream sauce? It's nothing more suspicious than a flour concoction peppered with pepper and salted with salt, trying to pass itself off as 'special mushroom cream sauce'. I must admit that it IS kinda special though. It's 'far beyond anyone's expectations' also.

And those precious mushroom bits that must not have seen any of their kind while swimming in that disgusting floury mixture - how I pity them for their loneliness.

Sometimes I marvel at the tenacity for survival that some business have, in spite of inferior quality unsellable products. This is one of them.

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