Tuesday, March 29, 2005

And it's about time

I blogged. Network was done for last week due to problems with winsocks on comp, and I really had a lot of fun trying to up the system again. Woohoo. Fun fun fun. Not.

Some updates on my life (if anyone can really be interested in ME, other than me):

Midterm exams are really bad. Below average for all the subjects. Something is definitely wrong this semester. I'm waiting for my internal defense mechanism to fight back, but I'm not really doing anything yet. Save waiting for more Narutos from (evil) Eu.

Been spending a lot on stuff and going out. Watched Hitch recently. Fantastic movie that made me wish Hitch really exist.

Brother's going to hold wedding dinner on this Thurs, and after that, there would be one less member in the house (more space!). But there won't be anyone to thump chest with me when I get home. =(

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