Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I have had quite a weekend lamenting on the state of relationship affairs in Singapore (or rather among my close knit friends.)

ZH broke off with his gf of 1.5 years, and I am rather glad that it did happen, after hearing how his predicament this past 1.5 years had been. ZH is a rather charming goodie-two-shoes guy, and he's probably the type that would make a good husband (giver, caring, concerning, handsome, not too shabby, intelligent++). His gf (now ex), on the other hand, sound like a taker, and has been on the receiving ends of luxurious presents (ZH has almost spent all his savings on her, less S$300) for many occassions. She has strayed on several occassions, but ZH always closed one eye to that. Perhaps that's a fault. And quarrels mostly ended up with him salvaging. Perhaps that's another of his fault. It's only recently when they're on IA to different companies, that she told him bluntly that there's this cute guy at the workplace, and she wants to try to know him more. If I'm ZH, I wouldn't know what to say to this gf of mine. Does 1.5 yrs, and tiring efforts to maintain a relationship mean only so much? I'm sure ZH can find a better partner.

There's also this guy (ZH's friend), who has been dumped by his gf while on exchange program. This guy's quite a sad case. During the hols before exchange, he worked to save money just so that he can buy his gf's exchange's air ticket for her, and also 1/3 of her laptop. She said that she'll not find someone so soon, and it's just that she needed more time. She found someone soon after. Haiz.

Perhaps it's after going through all this that a guy can really learn to deal with heartbreaks and lost relationships. A callused heart. In ZH's words (I think), 'The pain doesn't go away. It stays and numbs your heart for a long time.'


On a lighter note, I've had quite a nice weekend. Sat was spent lamenting (it does help to bring about male bonding among 'single sad fucks' [in ZH's words]), but Sunday was an exhilarating kayak session at East Coast. We're going on a 1-star kayak course next weekend, and I can't wait to get my tan.

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