Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events

started off with 2271 embedded mid terms on Tuesday.

And for today's midterms, I came late, had to rush off to get my jacket due to the freaking temp in the LT, chose a lousy seat next to the projector (the $@!$!@ projector blocked the foldable table from unfolding) and had to relocate. This would not have mattered much if the paper was easy enough for me to recollect my composure, but no no no no... Murphy rulez.

Today was parallel and concurrent programming mid terms and I couldn't have died a worse death. I was in livelock waiting @ P(answers) where the test script was concerned, whilst another part of my brain started off on a recursive concurrent process involving the subject of panic. I think I am going to die real bad, and this is not my usual lament. Factoring in ESLS has definitely added credibility to my distress now. And I still can't kickstart my engine to 60% of what I had been, before SEP.

I am starting to really consider the possibility that the job scope of lecturers include driving a few students insane every semester, while keeping the rest in constant doldrums of depression.

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