Thursday, March 03, 2005


"Aiyah, the clutch too fast again! And turning must slow down more..."

I don't have a passion for my new driving instructor. =|

Apparently, my other (and more friendly) driving instructor has a strategic alliance with another driving instructor to handle lessons with (he's like a secondary server that steps in when buffer overflows or something...), and I found that out today, after waiting 10 mins at the Esso station for the friendly guy, not knowing that the other is taking over for the lesson. And he was there waiting besides me, for me. Clarified that only after calling my original (and the better) instructor.

Let's rant about my today's driving instructor, shall I? I shall. I paid good money for it.

I think all instructors should not point out timing faults again and again, each time AFTER they are done. It makes more cow sense to point it out there and then, and give the student THEIR expected timing the next time round. It's like telling people their rhythm is wrong and not giving them the correct one. It's criminal to just say 'too fast' or 'too slow', and never say 'now turn' or 'now stop'.

And it's never encouraging to complain about people being too fast/too slow/too whatever. Instructors should never give their students a sense of hopelessness, or stupidity, for having faults in driving. I think I am entitled to faults, for I AM a learner. If I'm not here to learn to drive better, then what am I here for? To sponsor a new charitable industry?

I like my other instructor because he's the 22 yrs instructor, with the old man (been there, done that, saw everything there is to see...) kind of patience and calmness. He knows where I will make mistakes, and how I should react to them. He doesn't just point out what's wrong, but shows me how to do it correctly, at the right moment. And he's very nifty with the cane. Point here, point there, whack you (gently) if wrong. He's darn paternal.

But I must admit that I am rather adaptable for a new learner. Both complimented that I am rather comfortable in terms of adaptability and learning. Of course lah, I am paying good money to them.

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