Thursday, May 05, 2005

Makan outing last saturday

Was bringing mom around to eat good food around Singapore last Saturday (ok, I was feeling slightly guilty for not being home from all those all-nighters during exams.)

Started off with kway chap at the Blanco Court stall @ Holland Drive Food Centre, and then took bus 32 down to Katong for laksa.

Did you know that there are quite a few famous ‘Katong Laksa’ in Katong?? We tried two of them (stall 49 and 51), before embarking on an insane journey (prompted by mom) to Fengshan hawker centre, where the ReAl Katong Laksa old man is said by his offsprings (who sold us one of the laksa we ate at Katong) to be operating.

Mom lost the appetite for laksa when we got there (the weather was blasted), and we treated ourselves to ching teng/jelly cocktail ($1/ea) before heading home.

Fengshan hawker centre.... is a hawker centre with hidden dragons and pouncing cats. There’s quite a lot of stalls with acclaimations from makansutra/channel U/Greenbook ++..

PS: There is a price war between 2 adjacent Nasi Lemak stalls at Fengshan Food Centre.
One started selling set meals for $1.90, and have conspicuous signages complete with bright lights that perpetually scream '$1.90' to everyone in the neighbourhood.
The other stall was under renovation when I was there. The renovation seems to be fashioned following that of its friendly neighbour, albeit the signages are slightly different, with $1.80 on them all.
Oh joy joy joy to cutthroat competition and falling prices...

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